ETH מגיע ל- $ 2700 ATH חדש

Cryptocurrency Ethereum today has improved its performance. Its price for the first time ever rose above $2,700. After that there was a small correction, but still reaching a new level means that ETH has a perspective

Bull traders planned to push the price higher last week. On April 22, the price exceeded the level of $2,600, but then rolled back to $2,300. On Monday, the price of the cryptocurrency went up again, and on Tuesday overcame $2,600.

The current cost is 55% higher than a month ago and 250% higher than in 2020. The growth for 12 months was 1,200%. So, despite the growing popularity of Binance Smart Chain, the Ethereum blockchain does not lose its position.

The project is progressing in its development, moving to version 2.0. This will make the transaction faster and cheaper. Also, do not forget that the growth of ETH in 2020-2021 is more active than that of Bitcoin. In 12 months, BTC has grown by 600%, half as much as ETH.

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