NFT מתעלה על DeFi במונחי חיפוש

NFT's Google search query surpassed DeFi by 300% and continues to grow every day

NFTs have been in the same boat with DeFi until recently and the hype around these digital tokens. What is happening to them today is reminiscent of the crazy popularity of ICOs in 2017, when it was quite possible to assemble a team in a week and get $100,000 in investment, even with the most banal concept.

Users spend millions of dollars on various virtual candy wrappers from celebrities, artists and other cultural figures. Sometimes they even buy tweets. Compared to 2020, the non-fungible token industry has also grown by 300%, with revenues of $250 million. If the number of virtual collectibles, masterpieces of art and other “relics” of the Internet continues to grow, it is difficult to imagine how many times the cash injections into the industry and the scale of this phenomenon will increase by the end of 2021.

It is no coincidence that Google NFTs easily surpassed DeFi in search trends, the peak of requests for which fell on January 1-6 this year, and at the end of last month NFT reached the level with DeFi. But while the latter stood still, the request for NFT grew rapidly, gaining three times more popularity among users.

In addition, NFT eclipsed ICO requests in search results during a period of record interest of the cryptocurrency community in them.

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