NCA בבריטניה לאלץ את דרך המשי 2.0 ראש לשלם 490,000 ליש

British law enforcement officers ordered the local head of the largest illegal darknet market, Silk Road 2.0, to pay £490,000 (more than $669,400) in BTC equivalent.

In 2019, Thomas White pleaded guilty to money laundering and trafficking in illegal substances, receiving five years and four months in prison for this.

26-year-old Thomas White was one of the representatives of the "top" of the Silk Road, also identified on the Internet under the pseudonym Cthulhu. He caught over the leadership of the Silk Road darknet store following the arrest of the resource's chief administrator Ross Ulbricht in 2013 by US law enforcement agencies.

When Silk Road suddenly ceased operations following the arrest of the founder, White decided to take the helm, transforming the popular illegal product market into Silk Road 2.0. However, notwithstanding the use of anonymous software to access the resource and organize "workflows" within it, the UK NCA still managed to get on the trail of the administrator.

White charged buyers a commission ranging from 1% to 5% for every Bitcoin transaction he made on Silk Road. In total, during the existence of Silk Road 2.0, users have made transactions for £73 million (more than $96 million).

In a hearing previous week, White's criminal proceeds were estimated at £1.5 million (over $2 million), and the NCA continues to examine cash flows to his account over the lifecycle of the darknet store, even after the Silk Road 2.0 administrator was imprisoned. Even in the absence of any official income, White paid more than £10,700 ($14,618) to rent a luxury flat on the Liverpool waterfront, according to NCA officials, further raising suspicions about his finances from law enforcement officials.

NCA employee stated that their priority is not to allow the criminal to further benefit from the illegal transactions he carried out. Therefore, now he will not only have to spend more than three years in prison but also pay the NCA almost half a million pounds sterling in Bitcoins.

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