Makara - רובוט יועץ מטבעות קריפטוגרפי

Makara is a one-of-a-kind consultant robot officially registered with the US SEC, now in your smartphone! A week ago, the team announced the official launch, and today the robotic adviser has become available to users in the AppStore.

Makara Digital is a small team of enthusiasts inspired by the 2017 bull rally. Engineers and entrepreneurs have teamed up to create unique software approved by American regulators that would help novice investors take their first steps in the crypto industry.

The application will tell users which of the thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market are really worth their attention and money. The cost of this service is 50. Considering that a person pays for an accurate understanding of what to invest in and why the amount does not look so threatening. Customers will have access to carefully crafted strategies and will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies using the Gemini exchange, Makara Digital's partner in trading and storing digital currencies.

Several investment baskets will be available to users:

  • DeFi
  • Hedging inflation
  • Universe
  • Blue chips
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

According to representatives of Makara, they have already recorded more than 20,000 people who want to try out the innovative service offered by the robot, and the amount of assets under their management is calculated in “millions of dollars”. The opportunity to get on the “wish list” will remain open for the next couple of weeks, as the team needs time to move clients from “standby” mode to the platform itself.

The team tested the development intensively for 3.5 years in order to ultimately wrap their knowledge in an intuitive form of service with a convenient mobile application for different platforms. So far, the "robot" is available to everyone in the AppStore, but in the coming weeks, the developers intend to present a version of their application for Android.

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