The9 יתחיל לכרות את צ'יה (XCH)


The company announced the purchase of equipment and lease of cloud services for eco-friendly mining for $5.7 million

The information was made public by a representative of the company. He said that after the completion of the preparatory stage and installation of equipment, The9 will have 130 PiB (pebibytes) of mining capacity.

At the time of writing, the entire Chia network, based on PoS and PoT mining, is 4.78 EiB. The increase was 9.84%. The network has 14.37% more unique addresses. Their number is 204.65 thousand.

Recall that the mining company The9 in March expanded the capacity for Bitcoin mining, buying equipment from MicroBT and Bitmain. Filecoin production was also launched in the same month. To do this, the equipment was purchased and the storage capacity increased to 80 PiB. The cost was $2 million.

Mining is a very popular area of activity. We see this in the example of many mining giants and their financial reports. The constant expansion of Bitcoin mining brings high dividends. However, miners do not always operate within the law.

For example, a gang of four people was arrested in Turkey the other day. The intruders brought 501 pieces of mining equipment to the country. Customs found ASIC miners worth $600,000 at a warehouse in Izmir. The contraband was seized.

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