MSI הציגה את כרטיס המסך החדש שלה עבור כורים

While all the news was flooded with Chinese miners, MSI unveiled its new Nvidia CMP 50HX Miner graphics card, created specifically for mining cryptocurrency at a speed of 45 MH/s.

This graphics card from MSI may be primarily of interest to Ethereum miners and is a continuation of the Cryptocurrency Mining Processor series. Representatives of MSI and Nvidia believe that by releasing such versions of video cards, they will be able to reduce the attention of miners to the latest RTX 3000 series, providing gamers with more "scope" for purchasing computer hardware.

The "filling" is a processor with 3584 CUDA cores and 10 GB of GDDR6 video memory, which has an effective frequency of 14 GHz and a 320-bit bus. According to some tech industry experts, the graphics cards used Turing TU102 chips, similar to those previously used in the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti model. But manufacturers have not yet disclosed details on this matter.

In acceleration mode, the graphics chip is capable of delivering 1545 MHz instead of the base frequency of 1350 MHz, providing a power of about 11 Teraflops, and the mining performance of digital currencies, according to MSI, will be 45 MH/s.

Note that so far there has been only an official announcement of the company's product, so even its recommended cost is still unknown.

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