Bitmain תמכור כורה 24K ASIC ל- The9

Shanghai online gaming operator The9 retrains as a bitcoin miner

The purchase of 24,000 Antminer S19j units for bitcoin mining will help. However, the delivery of the equipment is scheduled for November 2021. The deal is worth $200 million.

Bitcoin mining on Antminer S19j will bring The9 power to 2160 PH/s. This is a great indicator for a company that previously worked in another field.

Mining brings a significant profit. But today there is a significant shortage of equipment on the market. The manufacturers of GPUs are not coping with the increased load.

Emerging new products are sold out for the year ahead, although the prices of video cards are higher than expected. In order to somehow distinguish the market of mining and video games, manufacturers have started issuing maps intended purely for mining.

For example, palit GeForce CMP 30HX recently went on sale. Its cost is above $700. This is a specialized mining card based on the NVIDIA CMP processor.

The guys from NVIDIA expect that this graphics card will be able to distract miners from game graphics cards, and all users will be able to coexist harmoniously. 

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