The first BTC-ETF will be launched in Australia

A new investment product (Bitcoin ETF) will be launched in Australia. It was recently approved by the ASX Clear regulator.

Bitcoin-ETF is launched by Cosmos Asset Management. Investors will be able to trade on CBOE Australia from 27 April. A week before, investors, brokers and market makers will receive a warning about the availability of a new investment vehicle.

Experts expect high demand for BTC-ETF. No less than in Canada. Tentatively, the fund will be able to raise $550-$750 million.



It will allow you to earn on investments in shares of Purpose Bitcoin ETF (the very first such product in the world), registered in Canada for over 12 months. back.

Recall that the appearance of bitcoin-ETF in Australia became possible after the approval of a new bill describing the regulation, storage, and taxation of cryptocurrencies. The same bill describes the features of obtaining licenses for a service provider in the cryptosphere.

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