SEC: BlackRock עומדת לקנות ביטקוין

SEC has learned that the world's largest asset management fund BlackRock plans to invest in Bitcoins

For BlackRock, buying cryptocurrencies is a debut in the cryptosphere. The decision to invest in cryptocurrencies is linked to the recent successes of the first cryptocurrency.

The application for the purchase of Bitcoins appeared on the SEC’s website on January 20, 2021. It follows from it that BlackRock Inc. strives to enter the cryptocurrency market through Bitcoin futures.

In an interview with reporters, a representative of BlackRock Inc. Rick Reeder recently said that Bitcoin is more functional than gold. This is confirmed by the Global Outlook report from BlackRock employees. It says that in the current environment, a fundamental rethinking of investment portfolios is required.

After these statements, the first indirect signs appeared that BlackRock Inc. plans to enter the cryptosphere. A month after an interview with Reader, the fund announced that it was hiring a person who would understand the basics of blockchain and the principles of assessing investment attractiveness.

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Currently operated by BlackRock Inc. is $8 trillion. By comparison, Grayscale, the current leader, only manages $27.78 billion.

This figure is no match for the turnover of the multinational investment giant in New York. Therefore, investing in BTC from such a large investor is a good sign.