BTC חזר לפעילות: 30,600 דולר!

In January 26-27, the cost of the first cryptocurrency fell by 30 percent when compared with the historical minimum. Instead of 42 thousand dollars, BTC dropped below $30 thousand

This sudden drop has led to intense volatility. In just a day, the cryptocurrency lost $2000. The fall in dollar terms was 15%, in ETH - 5%. However, later the coin recovered to $30.6 thousand.

The price correction led to the liquidation of longs by $50 million. Most of the liquidations took place on Binance, where $22 million was liquidated. In second place is ByBit with an indicator of $15 million. Longs were liquidated after the cryptocurrency value dropped below $30,000.

This drop is reminiscent of the 2017 rally. That year, the cryptocurrency grew from 1 to 20 thousand dollars. However, this happened after five major corrections, when the price of the cryptocurrency fell by 30 percent.

Thus, there is still a bull market ahead. Abra Global CEO Bill Barhydt tweeted this directly. He believes that by the end of winter 2021, the price of BTC will vary in the range of $36-60 thousand.