BTC הפך למטבע העתודה בקניה

The head of the Central Bank of Kenya, Patrick Njoroge, made an important statement. According to him, Bitcoin will help the state cope with instability and high inflation in the financial sector

BTC will become the reserve currency of the country's main bank. It can be used to quickly make international payments, exchange for foreign currencies. With Bitcoin, Kenya plans to circumvent some of the difficulties associated with the IMF's position on The Kenyan shilling.

According to Nyoroge, representatives of the International Monetary Fund regularly emphasise that the Kenyan national currency is overvalued. This puts unnecessary pressure on the shilling and negatively affects the financial system and the economy of the country.

"We lost a lot of money just because someone from the IMF just got up on the wrong foot. Bitcoin will put an end to this"

The growth of public debt will slow down in the country. Bitcoin will also protect against currency losses. As it strengthens, this process will accelerate.

Therefore, although no country has yet taken such a decision, the head of the Central Bank of Kenya is willing to take a risk. So, soon Kenya will be able to become a role model. Good luck!

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