FC מילאנו תשיק אסימון מועדון דרך סוסיוס

Milan Football Club is about to issue tokens in partnership with the blockchain company, Chiliz. They will be created on the Socios.com platform, and will be called ACM.

Prospects for the release are very significant. Football clubs are getting more and more revenue from issuing their own tokens.

About 20 sports organizations have partnered with Chiliz and Socios to issue their fan tokens. Over the past year, about $30 million has been generated from the sales of fan cryptocurrencies, so this is an excellent source of income.

Such a popular club as Milan, which has over 450 million fans, will definitely be able to make good money. Milan has a huge fan base in the Asia-Pacific region.

ACM fan token holders will be able to influence club decisions, receive VIP rewards and recognition. This will give them more privileges.

Here is an example of a practical application of tokens. Fans of FC Juventus, the owners of JUV tokens, have chosen a festive song for their club. This coin is also listed on Binance.