CoinGate רשמה מחדש את ה- XRP

CoinGate, a popular payment platform, supports relisting XRP tokens (#RelistXRP).

In its official Twitter account, the company announced that it does not intend to give up the Ripple token, despite the general sentiment. Therefore, they carried out a cryptocurrency release on their platform.

In a statement, CoinGate cited Ripple's progress in legal action against the SEC as one of the main reasons why the listing became possible.

Another argument made by the company was the words of the judge leading the process of the American regulator with the California startup. At one of the hearings, he stated that XRP has actual useful uses and this “utility” distinguishes it from Ethereum and BTC.

The only category of those for whom the XRP token remains inaccessible under CoinGate are American citizens. The rest can already use the coin as a means of payment today.

Naturally, when there is consensus in the case against Ripple, or clarity is made by the US legislation, XRP will become available on CoinGate and to the Americans.

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