CoinFlip + Dogecoin: 1800 כספומטים Crypto עם DOGE בארה

The coinFlip network of American crypto-gangs has expressed its support for Dogecoin. DOGE coins are added to 1,800 ATMs across the country. For Dogecoin, this is a new milestone in development

CoinFlip is a Chicago-based company. Yesterday, its representatives officially stated that the company's ATMs now support the cryptocurrency DOGE. This satisfies the demand of users and also stimulates further strengthening of the value of the digital asset. 

The network consists of more than 1.8 thousand ATMs located in 46 states in the US. So, now everyone has the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency conveniently and quickly in one of the cryptocurrency ATM.

The listing of Dogecoin, of course, was prompted by the fame of the meme-cryptocurrency. It is constantly advertised by Elon Musk. And recently, DOGE fans were joined by Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons and Kevin Jonas. Therefore, the decision to add Dogecoin to the network of crypto-bancomats is justified.

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