Fashion Metaverse של BNV

The first fashionable BNV World metaverse may soon appear in the cryptosphere.

You will say why a separate project, if brands have already flooded such games as Decentraland and Sandbox. It's all about simplified graphics.

In the same Sandbox, a pixelated cartoon style is used, which does not fit into the policy of many brands. Therefore, the emergence of a fashion-oriented environment will be interesting both for the public and for fashion brands.



The BNV World project will be launched next month. It will work on the Unreal Engine, which is used to create many modern games like Fornite.

It will showcase digital collections from renowned designers in an ultra-realistic 3D style. There will also be virtual stages where fashion shows will take place. You can look at branded avatar items on them, and then buy them on the marketplace.

You can already see information about NFT collections of projects on OpenSea.

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