Binance משיקה פלטפורמת NFT משלה

The largest crypto exchange Binance has launched its trading platform for selling NFTs, announced back in April this year.

Exchange representatives have prepared a selection of content from famous artists and other equally talented people of art. The first auction presented within the platform was named “Genesis''. During it, users are offered to purchase one of the digitized works of the brilliant Salvador Dali, as well as non-fungible tokens dedicated to Andy Warhol's paintings. The Binance team believes that both artists' journeys perfectly capture the spirit of novelty and boldness of the NFT.

In addition to Global Creators, Binance NFT also features Regional Creators through the 100 Authors program, whose content you can purchase starting today.

In honor of the opening of its non-fungible token marketplace, Binance will also introduce mystery boxes. Inside them, representatives of the exchange hid limited-edition tokens in partnership with tokidoki. Among them, there are about 98,000 common quality items, 22,050 rare, 1,714 super-rare, 734 super-super-rare, and just 10 gold BNB unicorn dragons. By paying 20, crypto enthusiasts can purchase one of the boxes, having a chance to find legendary items inside, then sell them, or add the first “exhibit” to their digital collection.

As a nice bonus, the site intends to give a memorable NFT to those users who register a Binance account within a month after the launch of the NFT site and purchase their first non-fungible token.

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