HarmonyOS disappointed developers
Huawei representatives claim, their new mobile operating system HarmonyOS can compete with Android and iOS. The company presented its OS version for developers recently, pointing out its ability to easily transfer any application from Android. This would save a lot of time for developers who can create copies of their programs for HarmonyOS in a short time, the company representatives said. For these purposes, the developers of HarmonyOS created a special utility Arc Compiler.  Also, Huawei claims that processing the application through this utility will significantly increase its launch speed up to 40%. The developers of the fairly popular MetaApp application decided to test the latest development from Huawei. Five days testing showed that it's impossible to transfer the application to the new operating system using the Arc Compiler. After running through the utility, the MetaApp application was damaged and could not work correctly.  Thus the developers advised their colleagues not to waste time. As of this writing, Huawei has not yet commented on this information. We will monitor the situation and inform you of the latest news from the world of technology.