Half of Litecoin tokens have not moved over the past year
According to information from Franklin Richards, 40 million LTC coins did not move between accounts and wallets over the past year. In total, 64 million Litecoins are currently in circulation. Richards Franklin considers that an impressive portion of these coins is blocked during the fall of the cryptocurrency market capitalization in 2018. In addition, some parts of the coins are stored on exchanges. It is well known that more than 12 million LTC are stored on Coinbase platform wallets. “We are not aware of any other addresses listed being owned by other large services or exchanges although it is highly likely they are. Even taking this into consideration, the main conclusion one may make from this data is that there are a significant number of coins now held by strong hands and long term bulls who have been accumulating and thusly removing potential downward pressure on the markets.” — the developer said. At the end of 2017 - the beginning of 2018, when the market capitalization was at the highest levels, LTC tokens not involved in the turnover were no more than 15 million, and at the beginning of 2017, the number of “cold” Litecoin was at all at the level of 4 million. Such a “holding” trend can be seen throughout the market as a whole. For example, in 2019, 11 million Bitcoins also remained in the wallets of the owners all year.