Hackers Stole Over 4 Million Dollars from Bitrue
Exchange Bitrue, which is based in Singapore, was subjected to a hacker attack that night. As a result, the criminals were able to remove the Cardano (ADA) coins and the Ripple XRP token from the site. Bitrue officials said the hacker was able to find a vulnerability in the platform’s risk control system last night. This helped him get access to approximately 90 accounts of traders of the exchange. As a result, he brought to other trading platforms about 9.3 million XRP (about $4 million), as well as about 2.5 million ADA (about $230 thousand). Later, representatives of Bitrue said that this attack was identified and neutralized in the shortest possible time. In addition, they expressed their gratitude to other exchanges, which identified and frozen assets of intruders. For the aforementioned reasons, the exchange specialists started the maintenance of the site and went offline. Bitrue representatives also said that they were already working with law enforcement agencies and had promised that they would soon renew trading operations. According to CoinMarketCap, this site is ranked 78th in the world in terms of the trading volume. Bitrue is notable for the fact that its underlying asset is the XRP token. We want to remind: https://thecoinshark.net/hackers-stole-9-7-million-in-xrp-cryptocurrency-from-gatehub-users/