Hackers Stole Over $12 Million Worth of Ethereum from Bancor Exchange

bancor hacked

According to the representatives of a cryptocurrency exchange Bancor, its application was shut down for some technical reasons. No clear explanations were provided at that time.

In a couple of hours it became known that a hacker attack took place. Bancor employees assured the anxious customers that their wallets were out of danger. However, the app was still down, awaiting for the developers to counteract the attack.

Later on, the exchange released a report which included details of the hacking. The post said that the criminals managed to get hold of around 25k ETH. They took NPXS and BNT tokens as well. Unfortunately, the stolen funds cannot be frozen or transferred to cold wallets. Thus, the only thing Bancor could do is to cooperate with other exchanges and try to track the coins down.

Right now, the experts are still trying to fix the problem. Being a completely decentralized exchange, Bancor is still prone to hacker attacks and other vulnerabilities, however, not to such extent as the regular, centralized ones, which should “burn in hell”, according to Vitalik Buterin.

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John McAfee’s Ex-Treasurer Did Not Manage to Ride Off Into the Sunset With the Stolen Money

John McAfee tracked down the person who robbed his company

Luke Jenkins and his girlfriend Gemma that are suspected in robbing the company of John McAfee could not get away with it.

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According to McAfee, all the financial movements made by the thieves were tracked down. Some of the crypto exchanges have already frozen the accounts of the failed Bonnie and Clyde.

The developers’ team keeps working on bringing the money back to where it belongs.

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HitBTC Added the Gemini Dollar Owned by Winklevoss Brothers to the Listing

gemini dollar listed on hitbtc

The cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC announced on its Twitter the addition of the Gemini dollar, launched by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss on the Ethereum blockchain, into their own list of trading positions.

Since September 20, customers of the HitBTC, which joined it this year, can trade with Bitcoin, EOS, Tether and Ethereum in pairs with the Gemini dollar. The HitBTC platform was the first exchange on the cryptocurrency market, which carries out operations with this stablecoin.

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OKCoin Adds Five New Tokens to Its Listing

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OKCoin Adds Five New Tokens to Its Listing

okcoin adds five new coins

To continue our today’s topic related to crypto exchanges, we wanted to inform you about the changes in the listing of the exchange OKCoin. OKCoin is currently occupying the second position of the CoinMarketCap rating. A couple of days ago, the management of the exchange introduced 5 new digital assets:

The newly added cryptocurrencies include:

– Ripple



– Stellar lumens

– 0x

The CEO of OKCoin seems pretty excited due to this event.

We are very pleased to welcome these five new cryptocurrencies and all of the communities that trade them,” he said.

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A Ukrainian Startup Launched a Crypto Exchange in Kiev

A real cryptocurrency exchange has recently started functioning in the capital of Ukraine. Such an innovation was implemented by the project Buy Your crypto bank.

The exchange can be found near the subway station Olimpiyskaya, its working hours are from 10 till 19 every day. Ukrainians and guests of the capital can now exchange dollars, hryvnias and Bitcoins. The commission fee depends on the exchange rate.

The exchange developers believe that this is a necessary step in introducing cryptocurrencies in Ukraine. According to them:

We all know that the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine has not yet been regulated, but we have found a way to help carry out these [crypto] operations in accordance with our legislation.”

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Binance Is Spreading All Over the World

Binance is already the largest cryptocurrency exchange with the biggest trading volumes, as stated on the CoinMarketCap, but its CEO, Zhao Changpeng, is definitely not going to stop on this.

Speaking at the event in Singapore, after Binance launched a fiat branch there, Zhao spoke about creating his exchange, developing it and plans for futher expansion.

One of the biggest ambitions of Binance is opening subsidiary offices on all of the continents. The perfect outcome would be 2 exchanges on each continent. Given the fact that cryptocurrency is still far from replacing fiat assets, Zhao Changpeng finds it very important to keep fiat/crypto trading pairs.

Fiat is still where all the money is in. … And we’ve got to open that gate,” he said.

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Crypto Personality: Vitalik Buterin

The Coin Shark launches a new rubric “Crypto personality”. Here we will share with you the biography facts of the most famous and influential people in the crypto world. All the most interesting information will be wrapped in the brand cover of comic books and represented to you in the format of a space story.

3,2,1 … Start!

crypto personality vitalik buterin

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