Earning on Bitcoin Faucets - Is It a Myth or the Truth? Part 1
The sphere of Bitcoin has a wide range of terminology. As a rule, difficulties arise for beginners with the competent use of it. It seems at first, what could be easier in the cryptocurrency world than "Bitcoin"? And, what about the "Bitcoin faucets"? Are they scary? Calm down, everything can be explained in simple words on simple examples, that is exactly we are going to do now. Bitcoin faucets are sites where you can earn Bitcoins for performing simple tasks. Well, what can I do now? What principle do Bitcoins work on? As already mentioned, the Bitcoin faucet is a system where Satoshi are given out as awards, they are the smallest and indivisible bits of Bitcoin, with a value of 0.00000001 BTC. This kind of reward can be obtained for solving simple problems, which include the following:
  • viewing of commercials;
  • pageviews;
  • subscription to newsletters;
  • conducting surveys;
  • clicks on advertising;
  • decoding of captcha;
  • games.
There is such a variety of faucets as automatic Bitcoin faucets, the main principle of which is based on the passive earnings of Bitcoins. Faucets of this type accrue Satoshi on their own, which leaves you only with the need to register. Some Bitcoin faucets are able to perform tasks in stand-alone mode even when the computer is off. Why do faucets need users? Due to the views, the faucet gets attendance. Advertisers may not even suspect that their advertising is displayed not to the target audience, but only to those who want to raise money in such a simple way. Advertisers are mostly interested in traffic to their site, so the methods which it will increase by have absolutely no value, except its cost. Receiving traffic by faucets is the cheapest variant. However, experienced advertisers, whose services stand far from expensive, closely monitor unfair cheating, so cooperation does not last long with Bitcoin faucets. How to start work with Bitcoin faucet? You first need to get a Bitcoin wallet, which can be done in the following ways:
  • download the application to your computer;
  • use a cloud-based online wallet that does not require downloading to the computer;
  • register at cryptocurrency exchange, then get your own internal Bitcoin-address, which must be specified for the output of Satoshi.
After that, it is already possible to start working with any convenient or several Bitcoin faucets, having familiarized with working conditions and having passed registration. We'll tell you everything about the revenues on Bitcoin faucets very soon, in the part two. Follow the news! Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_coinshark