Google Officially Announced the Closing of its Own Social Network Google+ for Ordinary Users
It should be noted that Google has officially announced the closing of its social network Google+ in December 2018. Just recently, a statement appeared on their official website that the service is no longer available for regular users: [caption id="attachment_33555" align="alignnone" width="687"] Source:[/caption] It should be noted that after Google+ is finally closed, other services of the company: Google Photos, YouTube, Drive, and Gmail will be available. But it is important to understand that the content that was published directly on the social network Google+, will be deleted. The company said that they will gradually delete publications and accounts of ordinary users in the social network Google+. They say that this is a rather long process that can take several months. This means that if you have any valuable content on this social network, then you still have time to download it and save it elsewhere. The Google+ team claims that their service will continue its work for corporate clients. G Suite subscribers will be able to use this platform to communicate with colleagues. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: