Google and Yves Saint Lauren Show Smart Backpack for $1,000
In 2017, Google, together with Levi's, released a smart jacket. And although it is no longer for sale, Google continued to release smart clothes with the new Cit-e backpack. However, it is not a fact that this Google project will be successful. The backpack was created in collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent but it does not differ in catchy design, it does not have extra details. However, given the appearance and brand with which Google collaborates, there are no doubts about quality. The “brain” of the backpack is the Jacquard platform, which provides synchronization with a smartphone and other “smart” functions. However, it is still unknown why all these functions are necessary for users. Such a backpack will cost not cheaply, $995. But Google promises to continue to produce “smart” clothes at more affordable prices. Let's see what this backpack will be like, recall, the smart jacket was not very popular with consumers and the project had to be closed.