Google and Twitter Use New AMD EPYC Rome Processors in Their Data Centers
AMD said its 7nm EPYC Rome processors are heavily used by giants like Google and Twitter. It is worth noting that the release of these chips is a very important step for AMD, in particular in their confrontation with Intel. Recall that last month Intel representatives said that their 7nm Ice Lake chips will only be available in 2021. This is a huge opportunity for AMD to take over most of the market, as Intel is currently the largest processor manufacturer in the world. But recent AMD designs and a lower-priced company development strategy quickly turned it into a dangerous competitor. Google Vice President of Engineering Bart Sano said in a statement for press: “AMD 2nd Gen Epyc processors will help us continue to do what we do best in our datacenters: innovate. Its scalable compute, memory and I/O performance will expand out ability to drive innovation forward in our infrastructure and will give Google Cloud customers the flexibility to choose the best VM for their workloads.” We want to remind: