Glassnode: 18 Million Fun Facts About Bitcoin
A great event took place in the cryptocurrency community last Friday - the 18th Bitcoin was mined. As you know, the total issue of Bitcoin is 21 million, that is, it remains to get only 3 million coins. It will take about 120 years to mine remaining Bitcoins since the complexity of the network will grow, and the reward for the found block will decrease on the contrary. The analytical company Glassnode tweeted “18 million” interesting facts about Bitcoin. The first is that it took 3935 days to mine 18 million coins. Analysts have named some more interesting facts:
  • Bitcoin reached a capitalization of $18 million on 841 days of its existence;
  • 18 million transactions took 1370 days;
  • 18 million network addresses were formed in 1710 days;
  • etc.
You can see more interesting facts about the first cryptocurrency on Glassnode's official Twitter.