Top 10 Best Games for Mobile Devices in April 2019
The mobile gaming industry has become increasingly developed and advanced in recent years: new high-quality projects that deserve your attention, appear on the market. In this collection, we will talk about the most interesting and recent games that came out literally in April 2019. Here you will find a lot of arcade games, high-quality turn-based strategies, as well as action games, shooters and other genres.

10. "Nood Climbrs"

A new sports arcade from the studio “Noodlecake Studios” called “Nood Climbrs” takes the tenth place of today's TOP. The essence of the game is in the fact that you need to climb higher and play various stars and coins along the way as a naked climber. Besides, as you progress through the game, you will discover various costumes and thereby be able to dress your character. So, the gameplay of the project is as follows: you need to replace the legs and hands of your character on different protrusions. It is important to pay attention to the numbers that are written on them because they tell us how many seconds we can hold on to it. If the timer is reset, the limb will be disconnected. As you may have guessed, the main task in this game is to climb as high as possible, collect various coins and not fall. It is worth noting that it is possible to break down only if all limbs do not hold at the same time. This is quite a fun game that will require from you not only dexterity but also the logic. The developers have made a lot of difficult and confusing game situations in which you will have to try very hard not to fall down. Link: Android 

9. "Skill Test"

The racing arcade called "Skill Test" takes the ninth place. Perhaps according to the graphics and some moments of implementation, this game cannot be called the most top, but those obstacles and levels that the developers have prepared will definitely surprise you. In the story, you need to pass through various obstacles driving a SUV. Moreover, these barriers will be very non-standard, you have to pretty much try to overcome them. Passing level after level, you will discover new cars that will differ in their characteristics and appearance. The game is very interesting and if you need a "timekiller" made in the racing genre, then "Skill Test" is exactly what you need. Link: Android

8. “Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus”

The game “Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus” takes the eighth place of our today's collection. In this action, you will need to fight a very strange plant-virus that infects people and turns them into zombies. The main character needs to stop the apocalypse, as well as make peace with his daughter. Each level is built in such a way that you need to collect as many stars as possible, avoid all obstacles and eliminate all dangers that will be in your way. This game has a rather interesting implementation: you can climb, squat, jump, run and also pump a lot of skills for your character. The game is available for free and therefore if you want to get to know it better, then nothing will stop you. Links: AndroidiOS

7. “Fishing life”

The sports arcade “Fishing life” is in seventh place. Here you will appear as an ordinary fisherman, who begins his career on a small wooden boat with the most basic fishing rod. As you progress through the game, you will catch and sell fish, thereby earning domestic currency, for which you can gradually improve your equipment, tackle, fishing rods, and also buy more powerful and large boats. In addition, during the passage of the game, you will receive various tasks, performing which you can also replenish your own wallet. In general, the game is pretty calm, it can be played before going to bed, to relax after a hard day. Also “Fishing life” pleases with its visual appearance and sound. All this will really allow you to relax and get the sea or even an ocean of pleasant impressions. Link: Android

6. "Block Fortress: Empires"

The sixth place of today's TOP is occupied by the action “Block Fortress: Empires”. This game is a kind of offshoot from the original project of the Foursaken Media studio "Block Fortress". You find yourself in a rather unusual cubic Universe called “Blockverse”, where each player has his own planet. Your task is to build a military base on your celestial body, install a protection system and ensure the complete safety of your planet. After you are sure of the security of your base, you will need to go to storm the planets of other players and try to capture them. You will receive money and experience for successful expansion. As you progress through the game, you will have access to both more complicated systems to protect your own planet and more powerful weapons. In general, the logic of the game is very clear: to build a military base, defend it, capture other people's objects and pump skills. It is worth remarking that the game has a very specific cubic design, which is something remotely reminiscent of "Minecraft". Link: Android

5. “Gigantic X”

The fifth place of today's selection belongs to the shooter "Gigantic X". Here you will play the role of three soldiers who are sent to clean up various planets in order to enrich themselves by obtaining various resources. In the process of passing the game, you will fight with various alien creatures, both with ordinary characters and the so-called "Bosses". It is worth noting that bosses are very well implemented here. For example, the first "Boss" is a particular armadillo and you will need to fight it, using those weapons that will be available to one of your characters. You can improve all your soldiers during the game, it is important to know that each character has its own unique features that you will need to use correctly in battle. In addition, there is a multiplayer mode, where you can arrange epic battles together with other players. The game turned out to be very dynamic and with very cool visual effects and very high-quality graphics, which really pleases the eye. The gameplay here is pretty monotonous, but it is worth noting that these are just genre costs. Link: Android

4. "Whispers of a Machine"

We decided to put the adventure quest "Whispers of a Machine" in fourth place. Here you will play the role of a girl named Vera. She is a special agent who investigates a series of murders. You will need to study different subjects, use different sensors, talk with people and try to get the truth from them. In general, the game is a quality quest with its own features and specialties, as well as a thoughtful plot and dialogues, with which you can get closer to solving a mysterious series of murders. If you need a good brain charge, then “Whispers of a Machine” is just what you need. Links: AndroidiOS

3. "World War Polygon"

So we got to the "top places", and the third place is occupied by the game "World War Polygon". This is a first-person shooter where you have to participate in various battles of the Second World War. The game is made in a low-poly style and this gives it a certain atmosphere. Nevertheless, the project has been completed in very high quality, the campaign is quite interesting here, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in what is happening. Here you have to take part in such operations as: “Landing in Normandy”, “Capture of Berlin”, and also try to survive the “Battle of Stalingrad”. The game has a multiplayer mode in which you can fight both "against all" and in the format of "team against team". If you are a fan of shooters that are dedicated to the Second World War, then you should like World War Polygon. Links: AndroidiOS

2. "Egypt: Old Kingdom"

The silver medal winner is a strategy called “Egypt: Old Kingdom”. It is worth noting that the game is distributed for free on Google Play, and in the Apple Store it costs $4.99. But it is important to understand that in the app store for the Android operating system you will only be able to access the conditionally free demo version. In order to unlock the full game, you will need to make an in-game purchase for the same $4.99. This is a fairly high-quality strategy and it is important to note that such projects are rarely available for the Android OS. In the game, you will need to rebuild and develop the ancient capital of Egypt, provide it with a sufficient number of workers, as well as build various facilities. In addition to all this, you will have to offer sacrifices to the Egyptian gods and try to interact with neighboring tribes. In general, this is a rather interesting and well thought out strategy that is really worth its money. If you are a fan of this genre, then you will definitely be satisfied. Link: AndroidiOS

1. "SpellForce: Heroes & Magic"

The first place of today's TOP is taken by another strategy called “SpellForce: Heroes & Magic”. This game is a turn-based strategy in the spirit of "Heroes of the sword and magic." It includes two game modes:
  • adventure, which has 13 missions;
  • randomly generated battles.
There is a map in the game, on which you will need to move to collect various resources. It is important to think carefully about your movements, as you will have a strictly limited number of steps. You can use the collected resources to improve your own military base, hire new squadrons and improve them. Before the battle, you first of all need to build your army and give them the command to go on the attack. It is important to know that in “SpellForce: Heroes & Magic” enemy soldiers go on the attack simultaneously with yours, which gives the game a certain dynamism. Here you have the opportunity to play for one of three races: orcs, humans or dark elves. Each of them has its own specific strengths and weaknesses. The game has high-quality drawn graphics, many features, and thoughtful plot. If you like strategies, then pay attention to this project. Links: AndroidiOS


As you can see, literally every day new interesting game projects that are worthy of your attention, appear in the app stores. It is important to understand that all these games became available literally in April 2019. If you want to follow the latest interesting games and other applications, then stay tuned to our site. Here we provide you with the latest information from the world of gaming. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: