The Date of the Google Stadia Game Service Launch Become Known
American Google officially announced when its service will be launched, becoming available to all users at last. This would happen in just over a month. In particular, the Google Stadia service will be launched on November 19, 2019. The representative of the "search giant" promised that users will not face any delays in signal transmission, but it needs the highest possible Internet speed, not less than 4 Mbit/second. Google also talks about negative ping - a special technology, which makes playing through its service even better than using real physical devices, but no one knows what this concept means, because there is no information about this on the network. According to the official data, the list of countries where the Google Stadia service will be launched includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden. Residents of all these regions will be able to use the game service in just over a month, and it will cost only $10 per month. The American corporation plans to make its service available in other regions of the world, including, possibly, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc later in the year. So time will show if all users will be satisfied with the new promising development of the "search giant", because it really can change the balance of power in the video game market.