Stovetop Introduced a Modernized Snake Game
The good old genre of games “Snake” gained its popularity during the 90s. Now, the studio of indie games Stovetop presented a similar modernized game. Only instead of "Snake" with a bus traveling around the streets of various cities, Snakeybus involves traveling around Paris, Miami or the suburban area at dizzying speeds. As you pick up passengers along the way, the cabin of your bus will lengthen. Among the main characteristics are the following:
  • 4 locations;
  • 5 types of buses;
  • endless play;
  • dynamic and original soundtrack.
The developers noted that the cost of the new game will range from $8 to $12, and will appear on Steam on May 15 for Windows and macOS. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: