Man Spent 24 Hours Inside Minecraft Virtual Reality Game
While virtual reality games are still far from wide acceptance, those who regularly play them need to follow a simple rule - take breaks. Despite the fact that virtual reality can provide the most exciting interactive features, it is physically difficult for many players to be in it for a long time. So, one fearless Youtube user under the nickname Apollow decided to do his own experiment. According to Kotaku, a Youtuber stayed in virtual reality for 24 hours, all the while playing Minecraft. He described his experience through video on Disrupt, in which he told what happened to his mind and body during and after a one-day virtual reality session. Throughout the game, Apollow stuck to the basic rule - the headset always remains on. He took breaks for food and sleep, but he did not take off his helmet with headphones, preferring to imitate his actions in the real world like a game. For example, if Apollow wanted to take a nap for several hours, he made his hero stay in bed at that time. While “Youtuber” spent the day on continuously playing the game, in Minecraft this time was 72 days. For the whole game, Apollow took three sleep breaks and, as noted, he had no particular problems waking up in virtual reality. During his long gaming session, he managed to reach the traditional Minecraft final and kill the boss known as the Ender Dragon. After the experiment, he noted that "the next few days went so slow". We remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: