Mafia IV Release in 2021
One of the popular Reddit portal users with the nickname TheTruthTeller1985 said that we will see the continuation of the legendary game Mafia IV in a little more than a year. The user refers to two former employees of Hangar 13 studio and one reputable journalist. Of course, he did not give the names of his sources. Work on the fourth part of the game began back in 2017, but production was soon suspended due to the transfer of resources to the Rhapsody project, according to the information received. But, unfortunately, the world has not yet seen Rhapsody, since the studio could not effort the costs connected with the music rights of the legendary Queen. So  Hangar 13 returned to the working on Mafia IV. Now the work on the project is in full swing, the presentation of the game will take place next year, and the official release - in 2021, according to insider information. The plot of the game will be stretched for more than a dozen hours, and take place in Las Vegas in the 70s of the last century. A key feature of the new game should be the ability to build their own criminal empire. In the new version, it will be possible to turn any building into a thriving business. The Mafia game franchise has been pleasing to players since 2002, while three versions of the game have already been released. The latest release of the current Mafia III took place in October 2016, it received mixed reviews, but it was sold out in a record 4.5 million copies per week.