Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Coming March 2020
The release of the highly anticipated video game Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the PlayStation 4 was appointed March 3, 2020. The information was confirmed on Sunday on the eve of the exhibition E3 2019. In addition to this news, a new teaser trailer was introduced. The release date for Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced by the director of the game itself - Tetsuya Nomura - at the Final Fantasy concert in Los Angeles. Nomura said that the new information about the new product will appear on Monday, June 10th. Trailer for FF7 Remake presents the community a large number of heroes and locations with a more detailed overview of the game action. The company developer Square Enix has also released a new illustration for the game featuring the antagonist Sephiroth, standing in front of the burning Midgar horizon. [caption id="attachment_40947" align="alignnone" width="500"] Source:[/caption] Final Fantasy 7 Remake was officially announced back in 2015 at the Sony E3 press conference. Since then, the video game has undergone significant changes. The novelty is planned as an episodic release, so gamers will have to wait a bit before they see the completely reworked full version. We want to remind you: