EA Sports Showed FIFA 20 Gameplay
During the annual eWorld Cup FIFA 19 tournament, EA Sports decided to please its fans and showed how the gameplay of their new FIFA 20 simulator would look like. They decided to hold a demonstration match in one of the most popular football clubs in the world - Real Madrid and Liverpool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=y7R3NghyxNw According to the feedback from fans of the game, they did not see much difference in the game process between FIFA 19 and FIFA 20. They argue that it will be difficult for an average player to distinguish one simulator from another. According to the representatives of EA Sports, FIFA 20 carried out serious work to improve the physics of ball behavior, introduced new types of standards and added options for completing attacks. The developers made an accent on the modernization of penalty systems, as well as improved the movement of players on the field. It is worth remarking that due to the transfer of most club licenses to Konami, some football clubs will be renamed, for example, the well-known Juventus will be called Piemonte Calcio. This makes the FIFA 20 look like a competitor for PES. The new version of the simulator was created on the same Frostbite Engine, so you can play FIFA 20 on relatively weak PCs. The FIFA 20 football simulator will be released on September 27, 2019, on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as an abridged FIFA 20 Legacy Edition on the Nintendo Switch.