EA Sports Revealed the Secrets of the New FIFA 20 Mode
EA Sports has decided to move football to where 99% of fans play it - on the street and small gyms. The new mode is called "Volta". “For millions of people around the world streets are stadium”, - Volta producer Jeff Antwy said when talking about how it occurred to him to create a new mode in FIFA 20. https://youtu.be/zOsA3mc1xGw

What can be done in FIFA 20 Volta?

It will be possible to create your unique player (you can choose everything, including a hairstyle, clothes, tattoos, and celebrations). There will even be an opportunity to create a girl and make teams that include players of both sexes. Different game modes:
  • 3v3 no goalkeepers
  • 4v4
  • 4v4 no goalkeepers
  • 5v5
  • Professional futsal

Location selection

Several different areas are available for the game. There are 17 of those! Moreover, they are scattered across five different continents - a cell in London, an underpass in Amsterdam, a roof in Tokyo, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, etc.  Online mode Of course, playing against the computer is not the most interesting experience, for this reason, EA Sports added the ability to play online with other people. Like in FIFA Ultimate Team, there will be leagues where users have to battle each other.