Gamers Will Finally be Able to Play the Long-Awaited Game
As it became known recently, the early version of the long-awaited "dream designer" from the Media Molecule studio will be available to owners of Sony PlayStation 4 from April 16, 2019. As it is known, this version of the game will include almost everything except the storyline, which the developers have decided to leave for the final version. According to the game creators, in Dreams, users will be able to literally play their own dreams, as well as the dreams of other players. It is worth noting that the development of this game began back in 2013. For the first time, Dreams was presented to the general public at the same event, on which the Sony PlayStation 4 game console was shown. The life cycle of the Sony PlayStation 4 is about to come to an end, as most likely next year the company will show us the Sony PlayStation 5. The game Dreams is a game editor, with which the user has the ability to create their own mini-game. According to the developers, the players will be able to do absolutely everything that they can come up with. The game will have three modes: single session, creator mode and the ability to play online with other users. The cost of Dreams after the release of the final version will be $60. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: