Gamers Massively Scold FIFA 20
It seems that developers of popular games of 2019 decided to release “new” products with minimal updates. First, NBA 2020, and now FIFA 20: console players` rating of this football simulator on the Metacritic got record-low 1.2 points. And shameful 0.3 points on the PC. Basically, gamers complain about bugs, technical errors, microtransactions and, of course, the minimal differences between the new product and its predecessor. Out of 432 user ratings for the PlayStation 4, only 30 are positive and 11 are mixed, all the rest are pure average gamer`s rage. As it`s known, game journalists try to smooth things over as much as possible. At the same time, the cumulative average rating of 44 reviews was 79 points, which is 4 points lower than that of its predecessor - FIFA 19. For the first time in 10 years, the game in the series received a rating below 80 points, note, that once its rating was around 90 points. This year the rating of FIFA's main competitor, the Pro Evolution Soccer simulator turned out to be higher.