Gadget Hits and Misses of 2018

Innovative technologies never sleep. New unique and interesting gadgets emerge every single day. The year of 2018 has been particularly fruitful in this area, dozens if not hundreds new devices were developed and released.

Some of the new gadgets were bomb, others didn’t quite impress the users as intended, some releases were right in the middle of the range. So let us review best and worst 3 gadgets of 2018.


1. Google Home Hub

This is, by no doubt, one of the greatest development in the smart house sphere. All of the home devices are collected in one place, on a single screen. You can control your whole house with Google Home Hub. Also, it is compatible with more than 500 gadgets.

2. Oculus Go

This gadget will help you to dive deeply into the world of virtual reality. The Oculus Go VR headset is technologically advanced, while remaining on the affordable side. 200 dollars and a piece of virtual reality will be yours.

3. Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Pro 2

As described on the official website:

Happy Hacking Keyboard is a perfect keyboard for professionals in every aspect from the key switches, size, structure to layout, providing textreme durability and comfort.


1. Red Hydrogen One

This Android smartphone is a total gimmick. Its price is whopping 1300 dollars (more than the latest versions of IPhone). Meanwhile, it doesn’t have any cool unique features to justify such a high price. Most users are utterly disappointed with this gadget.

2. PlayStation Classic

The new game console of Sony turned out to have lots of flaws. Besides missing multiple games, beloved by everyone (Tomb Raider, for instance), it also misses a power adapter and some of the games (half of them, to be exact) are not compatible with US televisions.

3. Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal, a smart camera system, is by no means the worst gadget ever released in 2018. It actually does have some nice features. The thing is: we already have Google Home Hub and Echo Show. There is totally no need for Facebook Portal at this point.

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