Free Tokens: How to Get ICO Tokens in 2018?

free tokens

Who wouldn’t like to have absolutely free tokens of startups, which may potentially become in demand in the market. So it would be great if you could earn on them without spending a penny. Does it not sound quite believable? Do not worry, we want to reassure you, this is really a common practice, which benefits both ordinary users and organizers of ICO startups.

In this article we will take a closer look at what the airdrop and bounty campaigns are, what you need to get cryptocurrency for free and why it is beneficial for all parties.

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  1. Free distribution of tokens, what is it and who benefits from it?
  2. Free tokens during an ICO bounty
  3. Free tokens during an airdrop
  4. What do I need to do to get free tokens?
  5. Conclusion

1. Free distribution of tokens, what is it and who benefits from it?

Advertising is the engine of progress.” Little-known projects, the purpose of which is to attract new users, are happy to distribute their tokens for performing certain tasks. Getting popularity, creating your own community is the key to the success of any startup. ICO requires huge amounts of money on advertising which can be using completely different ways. Methods of promoting companies with the initial coin offering are numerous, we will not review all of them today. Let’s analyze two of the most effective ones, namely:

  • airdrop;
  • bounty.

2. Free tokens during an ICO bounty

ICO bounty is a loyalty program that is conducted by new startups to popularize their currency. Developers go to such steps in order to find people for delegating certain tasks. ICO bounty is currently conducted by an absolute majority of projects that wish to release their own product. This method of promotion helps to collect a certain amount of money for a full-scale launch.

They have identical conditions for everybody willing, as well as a strict deadline. The development team can announce bounty either before the fundraising starts or directly in the process.

3. Free tokens during an airdrop

Airdrop is the second most popular method of attracting new users to startups. During an airdrop, the development team provides free tokens absolutely for everyone, for this you just need to register in the project and make a couple more clicks of the mouse. For developers such advertising is shareware, if the project succeeds, then participants will be able to sell their tokens on the exchange. The “word of mouth” spreads information about the project from user to user.

In order to earn on airdrops, you must have a minimum set of tools:

  • e-mail;
  • active account on Bitcointalk;
  • accounts in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.)
  • ETH wallet

4. What do I need to do to get free tokens?

Now let’s take a closer look at what actions need to be taken in order to obtain free cryptocurrency. You can earn a much larger number of tokens on bounty projects, but there isa lot of work to be done there:

  • translation of texts into different languages in order for the project to enter different markets;
  • keeping branches at specialized forums;
  • creating a unique design;
  • active PR project using different tools.

Bounty payments are usually made only after the end of the campaign. The number of tokens credited is directly proportional to the volume of work performed.

Earning during an airdrop will require a minimum amount of time, but you need to understand that the payments for this will be corresponding. You will need to:

  • register on the startup resource;
  • subscribe to the official pages of the project (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.);
  • make reposts in social networks;
  • pass a short survey and enter your correct contact details and ETH wallet number.

5. Conclusion

Anyone can receive free coins, it is necessary to perform certain actions for this. The final earnings directly depend on the complexity and time spent. If you simply register or make a repost in social networks, you can hardly count on a significant number of coins.

There have been cases when people participated in truly revolutionary projects that changed the cryptocurrency industry, without even knowing it. Thus, their tokens have grown in price by hundreds or even thousands of times over several years. For example, having earned 1000 ETH in 2014 for actively participating in the development of the project, it would now be possible to exchange them for half a million dollars, and if sold at the peak in the January of 2018, this amount would be three times more.

Earnings on bounty and airdrops are possible, but require careful selection of smart projects that can become profitable and bring profit in the future.

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Bitcademy: Now You Can Choose A New Football Star!

bitacademy ico

Football is something that people are fond of almost in every part of the planet. Even if a person is not a big fan of it, he still may have heard about football clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona, Chelsea, Real Madrid. They all have such world-class stars like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Salah and others. Yet there occurred a big problem, while football agencies are searching for a new player, they are mostly focused on their efforts in highly developed areas with a historical track-record of producing athletes. But what about less developed countries in Africa, Eastern Europe or Asia? Different academies avoid investing in such areas. But Bitcademy is likely to find a solution, and now you can make a new football star.

What is Bitcademy?

The Bitcademy is a for-profit venture, where everyone can influence football, to be more specific, you make an impact on young players from undeveloped countries who dream of becoming stars. It is not a marketplace where you only hold or trade rights of individual players, you can buy equipment, educate young generation and, in the end, sell to the club using tokens.

The algorithm of work

  1. The Bitcademy investor creates a profile and chooses the most preferable player. There will be information about the possible return of the tokens, according to a football club agreement.
  2. The Investor buys tokens from Bitcademy. They will serve as a form of sponsorship for the player, as well as education, equipment, etc.
  3. The Bitcademy stakeholder can monitor the progress of his player, and the investor can monitor his/her return on investment anytime through the portal.

Cool features

  • different types of tokens – Gold Tokens, Silver Tokens;
  • using KYC technology for user verification;
  • big benefits for the stakeholders
  • being able to provide jobs and provision of services to local economies;
  • producing top-tier talents, and place them in professional clubs globally;
  • the blockchain technology provides for total security and transparency of all the processes on the platform;

ICO details

If you understood that this is the project you want to invest in, then, let us look at the ICO details. Pre-ico will start on the 1st of December and last for 1 month. The main stage will start immediately after and will wrap up on the 31st of January. The soft cap of the project is $4 million, the hard cap is $15 million. The company will generate its own token, called BTMG, based on ERC20 standard, and its total supply is 1 billion. The token price is equal to $0.038. The minimum investment in pre-ico time is $500 in ETH. The time of Airdrop is to be announced, please, follow the news on the official website.

If you want to find out more about this mind blowing project or you are interested in becoming its investors, please, visit the official website.

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Mining Complexity: What It Is and Where It Will Get

mining complexity

Not long ago there was a real gold rush around cryptocurrency mining – thousands of people started digging digital rock to get the precious digital gold, while its rate was beating all records and surpassing all expectations. It all started from simple mining on users devices – laptops, personal computers, tablets, etc. – and turned into a complicated industry with a developed infrastructure. Mining pools appeared, specialized equipment (ASIC-miners) was produced, huge mining farms were set up, where mining was conducted on an industrial scale. Mining even partially switched to the cloud – services appeared that offered cloud cryptocurrency mining without any investments, except for financial ones. Although mining has not changed the structure of the world economy, it is nevertheless not an ordinary phenomenon. The fact that currently cryptocurrency mining consumes more electricity than many countries is a case in point.

Today we will talk about what mining complexity, its function, how it changes, what it depends on and how can it set the tone for the entire cryptocurrency mining industry.

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  1. Brief review of mining
  2. Complexity: how it changes and what it depends on
  3. What will happen to mining in the future
  4. Conclusion

 1. Brief review of mining

Mining actually means making computational operations to decode a certain algorithm and find its hash. Every mineable cryptocurrency is based on a particular hashing algorithm. When the algorithm is successfully decoded, a new block is added into blockchain, a new coin is issued and miners get their rewards. Many popular digital currencies can be issued only through mining, these are Bitcoin and its forks, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, etc. Some, however, are pre-mined and do not provide mining opportunities, like Ripple, NEO, NEM, EOS, Tether, etc.

Depending on hash features, different equipment can be used to mine different digital currencies. Initially all mineable coins, including BTC, were mined on users devices (PCs or laptops) using CPU. Today it is not that common and there are a few popular coins that still provide such type of mining. Soon CPUs became not enough to profitably mine digital coins and miners started using graphic cards to cope with more resource-intensive calculations and growing complexity.

Later the specialized equipment appeared on the market – ASIC-miners that are used today to mine Bitcoin, as well as other coins, such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. ASIC is a specialized microchip that performs calculations much faster than graphic cards. Although ASIC today is mostly associated with mining, the technology itself was developed in early 1980s to advance graphic performance of PCs. Besides, miners create pools where they combine their processing power to make mining more efficient for the whole group. The reward for the created block is then distributed depending on the processing power provided by each pool member.

There is also another mining solution – cloud mining. Graphic cards and ASIC-miners are rather expensive, more and more of them are required to mine profitably. The equipment needs space to be placed, has to be connected to the power grid, cooled, cleaned, repaired, set up, monitored, etc. Cloud mining implies leasing of computing power from companies that manage large mining farms and data centers. In addition, cryptocurrency is mined in other sometimes even illegal ways. For example, your computer can be infected with a hidden virus-miner that uses its resources to mine a particular coin.

2. Complexity: how it changes and what it depends on

Complexity indicates how difficult it is to find hash. The specified hash parameters determine how difficult calculations should be to find it. The more users are there in the network and the more cryptocurrency is mined – the higher complexity is. Bitcoin complexity is reviewed every 2016 blocks (about 2 weeks) and depends on how much time was spent to mine previous 2016 blocks.

What is the function of complexity? Bitcoin is designed to add every new block in  10 minutes on average. This can differ from one cryptocurrency to another (2.5 minutes for Litecoin and up to 20 seconds for Ethereum). The amount of processing power in the network can drastically change over time – when Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first BTC, there was only one device in the network, probably a laptop or a PC. Today we have huge industrial farms with thousands of special mining devices.

To ensure the stability of the generation of new blocks, cryptocurrency software automatically makes it more or less difficult for miners to find hash. So if there are more miners and the computing power of the network increases, it is more difficult to find hash. If the power decreases – it becomes easier to make all necessary calculations. This is the way the system remains sustainable – no matter how much processing power is their in the network it will still take around 10 minutes to generate new Bitcoin block. In early 2010, Bitcoin complexity was just a little bit above 1, while in 2013 it was already 3 million. Today it has already exceeded 7 trillion.


So, every 2016 blocks (about every two weeks), Bitcoin corrects its complexity, so that each block is generated in approximately 10 minutes, regardless of the number of miners in the system. Other mineable cryptocurrencies has the same role for complexity and it is implemented in a similar way.

3. What will happen to the mining in the future

Mining is no longer the same as it used to be – says… everyone. While some digital currencies can still be mined using PCs, it is rather difficult to join the “extraction” of most of the leading coins. To start mining Bitcoin today you should have… started mining Bitcoin a few years ago. The same thing is happening to other digital currencies, and ASIC-miners are to blame in fact. They are able to make calculations way faster and more efficient and wherever they enter the mining market, the total complexity increases and CPU/GPU-mining retires. However, some still manage to make money out of mining. There are still those coins that are not mined using ASIC-miners, which means one can still mine them on average laptops or PCs.

Anyway, one thing is clear – today, mining is no longer stands for easy money, and the market is being taken over by large, “professional” miners, who mine digital coins on an industrial scale. Industrial mining is associated with a whole range of logistics, legal and resource issues. Until recently, most of Bitcoin miners were located in China, but last year the government banned ICOs, cryptocurrency trade and mining. Another thing is energy consumption. Calculations require a lot of electricity, so the miners are looking for countries with lower power prices.



Another problem is obsolescence of equipment. Many industrial miners have found out, that the hardware they used to mine BTC 2017 cannot ensure the same profit in 2018.

So, mining becomes less profitable and new members have no chance to join the market easily. This lead to the fact that mining of top coins becomes way less popular. Not mineable coins, as well as those who still provide available mining can take advantage of that. For example, in 2017 there was a boom for mining browser extensions (like Coinhive). Of course, browser-mining of Bitcoin or Ethereum sounds rather weird, but there is another relatively popular coin – Monero – that still provides such an opportunity.

4. Conclusion

So, complexity is one of the key categories that form a technical structure of mineable cryptocurrencies. Written in the protocol, it helps blockchain to remain sustainable in terms of the time necessary for the generation of new blocks. Complexity directly depends on the number of miners in the network and, accordingly, on the total processing power. Most of the leading cryptocurrencies have already became much more difficult to mine and this is obviously an ongoing process. There are more users, more special equipment and more professional industrial-scale miners which make mining unavailable for average users.  

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weiDex: A Crypto Exchange of a Brand New Level

weidex ico

Cryptocurrency has changed the financial world once and for all. There is no going back to the old ways now. More and more companies are currently restructuring all of their systems to work with crypto and blockchain. And this is quite understandable – digital currencies have a lot of unique features which make them more attractive for people. However, no kind of currency can exist without an exchange. Thus, the emergence of cryptocurrencies obviously led to the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges. Here comes the problem: current cryptocurrency exchanges are the main downfall of digital coins.

What is the problem with crypto exchanges?

  1. Despite the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, most crypto exchanges remain completely centralized.
  2. It takes an eternity to register on such an exchange. By the time the procedure is completed, you wouldn’t want to convert anything anymore.
  3. Crypto exchanges are painfully confusing. The interface of a crypto exchange often remind the matrix rather than a service where you just convert one currency into another.
  4. Commission fees are ridiculously high.
  5. Hackers never sleep as well as the poor depositors who can never be sure their assets are safe.

What is weiDex? How is it different from all other crypto exchanges?

weiDex did not invent the concept of a cryptocurrency exchange. However, it invented the concept of a cryptocurrency exchange that guarantees safety and transparency, can be used by everyone and is not going to take away half of your assets as a commission fee. Most importantly, weiDex is 100% decentralized.

Cool and unique characteristics of weiDex

  • simple registration process
  • low commission
  • safety
  • user-friendly interface
  • efficient customer service
  • professional staff
  • proneness to hacker attacks
  • limitless deposits and withdrawals

Moreover, the exchange has a couple of innovative features. For instance, Crumble Cleaner collects all the little particles of crypto left after certain transaction and converts them into platform tokens automatically, and Bear/Bull Bomb lets the users convert their crypto into Ethereum or platform token (WDX) and vice versa instantaneously.  

ICO details

The WDX token has already gone for the private sale. The pre-sale will start quite soon – on the 20th of October. The price during the pre-sale is 0.40 USD, meanwhile, during the main token sale it will raise to 0.55 USD. The WDX token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, its total supply is 50 million pieces. The project has a soft cap of 1.5 million USD and a hard cap of 12.5 million USD. Investors will be able to use WDX tokens as an investment tool, as a means of payment after it’s officially listed at the exchange and as a way to take part in the platform community life.

If you want to find out more about this mind blowing crypto exchange or you are interested in becoming its investors, please, visit the official website.

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Bitcoin Price Prognosis: How the Capitalization of the World’s First Cryptocurrency Will Change Over Time

bitcoin capitalization

We often hear different economic terms to be used in relation to cryptocurrencies – volatility, capitalization, price, value, etc. Today we are going to talk about Bitcoin‘s market capitalization and will see whether this digital gold really constitutes any significant part of world’s assets.

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  1. What is market capitalization?
  2. Bitcoin capitalization
  3. Prognosis
  4. Conclusion

1. What is market capitalization?

Market capitalization is quite a broad term. However, the first association that comes to mind is,of course, stock market. There is no single opinion on cryptocurrency but cryptocurrency can be called a financial tool that resembles both, money and shares. There is market capitalization of valuable securities, joint-stock companies and the whole market. Respectively,It is the price of a share, all shares issued by a joint-stock company and aggregated cost of all shares that circulate on the stock market. Back to the cryptocurrency, in simple terms market capitalization is an index of a total cost of all the coins. Market capitalization level depends on the cryptocurrency rate and they jump up and down together.

2. Bitcoin capitalization

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world that was created in 2009. Today  more than 17 million coins circulate in the world and the maximum possible volume of mined BTC is restricted to 21 millions. Such a size of Bitсoin emission is layed down in the cryptocurrency code and cannot be changed. One of the important functions of this model is inflation prevention.  Only the fifth part of all the cryptocurrency reserve is to be mined and it will be done many years later. Considering the fact that every 210,000 mined block (one time in four years in average) slows down bitcoin mining two times when every new cycle begins. This formula allows to calculate that mining of 99% of all BTC will take 28 years and  mining of the last 1% will take more than 100 years!

However, back to the topic of the first cryptocurrency capitalization. In  2016-2017 Bitcoin became a synonym to bumper profit and goodwill. Digital currency was growing so fast that its holders didn’t have enough time to celebrate every new pick that the BTC rate reached day by day. Many people raised good money at Bitcoin and some people made even decadently big money,considering the fact that it wasn’t necessary to make efforts to gain the profit. The same way, cryptocurrency is associated with easy money, fast profit and other attractive things. At the same time there are more and more opinions about the significant impact that cryptocurrency has on world’s economy. Some are concerned that further development of uncontrolled decentralized financial systems are dangerous, while others think cryptocurrencies can create a really free economy of the future where everyone is their own central bank. However is cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular really a big issue for the world’s economy? In other words, is the digital gold really a big part of world’s capital? Well, figures from the CoinMarketCap can help figure it out.

So, today (mid-September, 2018) the total cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeds $190 billion which is by the way 4 times less than in late December, 2017 – early January, 2018. Back then the total cost of all coins circulating on cryptocurrency exchanges was almost $800 billion. It may seem really a lot, but in fact even back then the whole cryptocurrency market was worth less than just a single company – Apple. August 2nd, 2018 the total cost of all stocks of this company exceeded $1 trillion. Given that the stock market capitalization currently amounts to more than $65.5 trillion, cryptocurrency market capitalization looks rather small.

So what place does bitcoin have in the cryptocurrency market capitalization?

As a number of altcoins appeared and started developing, bitcoin dominance gradually decreased. In 2013 it exceeded 92%, and decreased almost by 10% until 2016. In summer 2017 bitcoin dominance was hardly 40% and Ethereum was snapping on its heels. Today BTC dominates, having 57% and the index started increasing since May, 2018.

Anyway, back in 2012 bitcoin market capitalization was only $0.06 billion while in December, 2017 it exceeded $336 billion. Today it is a bit higher than  $100 million and one BTC costs around $6.4 thousand.

3. Prognosis

As we already mentioned, the level of bitcoin market capitalization depends on the cost of every particular BTC. Today the cryptocurrency market seems to be starting to recover gradually from the rapid decline in the first half of 2018. At the same time, some experts believe that what we could observe in spring, 2018 was not really a collapse but just a correction of the rate after an unnaturally large increase in the end of 2017, when BTC was traded at $20,000 per a coin. In February, 2018, Jesse Powell, CEO and founder of a large U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange called Kraken, told CNBC that capitalization of the cryptocurrency market could reach $1 trillion in 2018. So he basically expects it not only to recover lost ground but also increase its economic power. Moreover, it still remains an open question whether institutional investors finally “jump” into the cryptocurrency market, which will positively affect its capitalization. In July 2018, in a talk about bitcoin Maxim Balashevich, founder of an analytical company Santiment, told Forbes that “about a month ago we were just at the bottom of the 4th wave, and today we are in the 5th wave that should lead us to something between $25,000 and $50,000”.

4. Conclusion

So, can we expect a huge increase of bitcoin and cryptocurrency market capitalization in the longer term? Hard to tell. Anyway, today BTC`s capitalization is tiny as compared to the capitalization of stock market and it will probably take a long time for digital currencies to reach the level of huge public companies capitalization, even if they once again start increasing in value lightning fast.

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INLOCK: Make Full Use of Your Bitcoins

ico news

Cryptocurrencies have become an essential part of the financial world, however, most people see Bitcoin and altcoins only as a potential investment, not as a real currency that can be used to purchase goods and services. Crypto holders are hoping to earn money on price jumps, thus, they are scared to spend their beloved coins on something. Imagine the situation: Mr. Smith from Oklahoma owns 30 BTC and decides to spend them on a car. Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin jumps, let’s say, to 10 thousand per coin. Mr. Smith would never forgive himself for buying that car because he could have made an extra 90 thousand or so. There needs to be a way for crypto owners to spend their assets but still have an opportunity to sell them if the exchange rate is favourable.

What is INLOCK? How will it help the crypto community?

INLOCK stands for Income Locker. It is a blockchain-based platform which is going to fight the problem of cryptocurrency spendability. INLOCK specializes in providing money loans, but with an interesting twist – crypto can be used as a collateral.

Who will INLOCK be useful for?

  1. People who already have crypto assets, but do not have an opportunity to spend them properly.
  2. People who are willing to earn money on cryptocurrencies.

Basically, INLOCK will serve as an intermediary between those who need a short-term money loan and those who can provide such a loan. For Borrowers, it solves the liquidity problem, and for financial institutes, it provides profit through interest rates while having minimal risk. The platform will unite the two parties in one ecosystem and carefully watch over all the transactions to keep them quick and safe.

Cool features of INLOCK

  • solves the problem of spendability and low liquidity;
  • the crypto collateral can be exchanged into fiat currencies which lessens the risks for lenders;
  • it complies with all the rules and regulations;
  • smart contracts are used to secure the loan agreements;
  • the beta version of the platform will soon launch;
  • users can choose the amount and time limits for their loans freely;
  • banks compete for Borrowers on the platform ensuring fast, and affordable loans

ICO details

The platform services are available for ILK tokens. The price of 1 token is 0.01 USD. ILK tokens are generated according to ERC20 standard on Ethereum blockchain. The minimum amount of investment is 100 USD, and you can use BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and EUR to participate in the token sale. The project has a soft cap of 15 million USD and a hard cap of 27.5 million USD. The ICO starts very soon, on the 15 of September, 2018, and will run till the 12th of October, 2018.

If you want to find more information about INLOCK or you are interested in becoming its investor, this site will help you out.

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Why Did Ethereum Face a Record Fall And What Should Investors Do?

In 2015, after the launch of the Ethereum blockchain, the cryptocurrency industry was transformed beyond recognition. In this article, we will talk about why Ethereum is such a unique product, how to mine it, and we will definitely  touch upon the urgent topic of the rapid fall of its price.

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  1. Features of the second most popular cryptocurrency
  2. More about the Ethereum mining
  3. Why has the Ethereum price recently dropped so much?
  4. Conclusion

1. Features of the second most popular cryptocurrency

Ethereum project is not just a digital coin, it is also a full-fledged platform based on which you can create your own decentralized applications. Another feature of the project is the support of smart contracts, which can potentially be implemented in any sphere of life. Thanks to Ethereum, a number of new decentralized projects began to appear on the market, that, in turn, accelerated the development of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Ethereum is much more innovative than Bitcoin, it is often called cryptocurrency 2.0. Some of the largest banks in the world are already starting to work with the Ethereum platform, as they see the capacity of it, for example, Sberbank of Russia. Ethereum is almost the main popularizer of the blockchain technology for various types of business. It is also worth noting that transactions in the Ethereum network take an average of 20-30 seconds, whereas in the industry leader (BTC) this rate is approximately 10 minutes.

2. More about the Ethereum mining

The Ethereum blockchain works on the PoW algorithm, so the coin can be mined by the usual way for most users, by installing computing equipment or by using the services of data centers. Despite the fact that the coin is very popular, the complexity of its network is not too great yet, in order to start mining it at home.

  • The block size of the Ethereum varies from 20 to 30KBytes;
  • The average time between blocks is 14.4 seconds;
  • Reward for the new block is 3ETH;
  • The complexity of the network is 3129P.

The coin can be mined either independently or by joining a mining pool. It should be said that the second option is much more profitable and useful unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars of initial investments. Another option for the mining of the Ethereum is cloud mining. It certainly eliminates many worries associated with servicing the farm, but results in profit which is much lower.

3. Why has the Ethereum price recently dropped so much?

Due to the great popularity and unlimited emission of the Ethereum tokens, the project has an inflation rate of about 10% per year. Vitalik Buterin, on behalf of the entire development team, said about the sharding of the network and the transition to Proof-of-Stake (Casper) protocols, which will reduce inflation by almost 20 times.

According to the graph of CoinMarketCap, the Ethereum price has grown from $8.33 to $1 378 over the past year, which gives 16 500% of rise. Unfortunately, this year we see a reverse picture of what is happening. At the time of writing, the rate of the second most popular coin fell to a psychological mark of $200 per coin. There are a number of reasons for such a precipitous fall, which we will discuss further:

  • General correction of the market. All 2018 the bears rules on the market, so all the coins lost from 60% to 90% of their peak values.
  • Forced sale of the Ethereum. The ICO market is developing rapidly over the past years. New blockchain startups, which created their products on the Ethereum blockchain, collected investments in ETH. After a successful ICO, developers need to cash out some of these investments in order to develop their project. Mass sale of an asset entails a decrease in its value.
  • Competitors. The market is beginning to appear quite promising projects, which, potentially, can solve all the problems of their older brother, such as EOS, NEO, Tezos, Cardano, etc. Of course, they are still far from the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin, but this is a very fast-moving industry, where changes occur at the speed of light.

4. Conclusion

Ethereum is an innovative locomotive of the cryptocurrency industry. Almost anyone can create smart contracts and their own decentralized projects with its help. The coin certainly has a certain number of problems that hinder its further development. The development team is actively engaged in their solution.

The coin rate has fallen dramatically, but this is not a reason to panic and sell off your coins. Fundamentally, nothing has changed, the project is still one of the most innovative in the market, so with a high degree of probability, it will have a bright future. And the temporary fluctuations of the exchange rate can be nothing more than market manipulation of the bears.

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