Free Tokens: How to Get ICO Tokens in 2018? 917

free tokens

Who wouldn’t like to have absolutely free tokens of startups, which may potentially become in demand in the market. So it would be great if you could earn on them without spending a penny. Does it not sound quite believable? Do not worry, we want to reassure you, this is really a common practice, which benefits both ordinary users and organizers of ICO startups.

In this article we will take a closer look at what the airdrop and bounty campaigns are, what you need to get cryptocurrency for free and why it is beneficial for all parties.

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  1. Free distribution of tokens, what is it and who benefits from it?
  2. Free tokens during an ICO bounty
  3. Free tokens during an airdrop
  4. What do I need to do to get free tokens?
  5. Conclusion

1. Free distribution of tokens, what is it and who benefits from it?

Advertising is the engine of progress.” Little-known projects, the purpose of which is to attract new users, are happy to distribute their tokens for performing certain tasks. Getting popularity, creating your own community is the key to the success of any startup. ICO requires huge amounts of money on advertising which can be using completely different ways. Methods of promoting companies with the initial coin offering are numerous, we will not review all of them today. Let’s analyze two of the most effective ones, namely:

  • airdrop;
  • bounty.

2. Free tokens during an ICO bounty

ICO bounty is a loyalty program that is conducted by new startups to popularize their currency. Developers go to such steps in order to find people for delegating certain tasks. ICO bounty is currently conducted by an absolute majority of projects that wish to release their own product. This method of promotion helps to collect a certain amount of money for a full-scale launch.

They have identical conditions for everybody willing, as well as a strict deadline. The development team can announce bounty either before the fundraising starts or directly in the process.

3. Free tokens during an airdrop

Airdrop is the second most popular method of attracting new users to startups. During an airdrop, the development team provides free tokens absolutely for everyone, for this you just need to register in the project and make a couple more clicks of the mouse. For developers such advertising is shareware, if the project succeeds, then participants will be able to sell their tokens on the exchange. The “word of mouth” spreads information about the project from user to user.

In order to earn on airdrops, you must have a minimum set of tools:

  • e-mail;
  • active account on Bitcointalk;
  • accounts in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.)
  • ETH wallet

4. What do I need to do to get free tokens?

Now let’s take a closer look at what actions need to be taken in order to obtain free cryptocurrency. You can earn a much larger number of tokens on bounty projects, but there isa lot of work to be done there:

  • translation of texts into different languages in order for the project to enter different markets;
  • keeping branches at specialized forums;
  • creating a unique design;
  • active PR project using different tools.

Bounty payments are usually made only after the end of the campaign. The number of tokens credited is directly proportional to the volume of work performed.

Earning during an airdrop will require a minimum amount of time, but you need to understand that the payments for this will be corresponding. You will need to:

  • register on the startup resource;
  • subscribe to the official pages of the project (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.);
  • make reposts in social networks;
  • pass a short survey and enter your correct contact details and ETH wallet number.

5. Conclusion

Anyone can receive free coins, it is necessary to perform certain actions for this. The final earnings directly depend on the complexity and time spent. If you simply register or make a repost in social networks, you can hardly count on a significant number of coins.

There have been cases when people participated in truly revolutionary projects that changed the cryptocurrency industry, without even knowing it. Thus, their tokens have grown in price by hundreds or even thousands of times over several years. For example, having earned 1000 ETH in 2014 for actively participating in the development of the project, it would now be possible to exchange them for half a million dollars, and if sold at the peak in the January of 2018, this amount would be three times more.

Earnings on bounty and airdrops are possible, but require careful selection of smart projects that can become profitable and bring profit in the future.

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Monoreto Project Overview or How to Make Money on Your Content? 200

monoreto ico

ICO projects often build their concept on progressive technologies, and among them there are really few who aspire not only to earn themselves, but also help their users to do it.

Why was Monoreto created?

Social networks are used by 2.5 billion human beings every day, they post various content, comment and “like” publications there. Today, this literally has become a way of life.

What are people looking for in social networks? It might be the realization of their creativity, the recognition of the society or the way to obtain additional income.

The main problem of the modern social networks is their “ingratitude” for the efforts of ordinary users when they create their content.

What is Monoreto?

Monoreto is a social network based on blockchain technology, in which any user can receive a reward for his unique content.

How? It’s very simple – each person`s “like” of any photo or video brings at least 5 cents in Monoreto tokens to the author.

Monoreto stimulates to create a high-quality photo and video content, allowing talented users to earn and motivate to generate something new every day. Those users who design high-quality content, but did not previously get any benefit for their work, will now be able to receive a constant monthly income. It is also a profitable platform for professional bloggers who will be able to join the new platform and receive additional revenue.

How it works?

When a user “like” posted content on a social network, he not only rewards and promotes its author, but also popularized his account in the news line. The more likes the user gives, the higher his photos will be displayed in the line, and the bigger profit he can get.

Why you should join Monoreto now?

At the moment, the project team is working on launching the platform and preparing for the ICO. The project’s token is called MNR, it is created according to the ERC-20 standard with limited emission. The distribution of tokens will be conducted with the help of a smart contract. The collected funds will be used to launch the platform and its further development, to finance advertising and marketing, as well as to regulate the operation of the platform.

About ICO Monoreto in figures:

The pre-ICO was held successfully from May 10 to June 10, 2018.

The launch date for the token is scheduled for August 15, 2018 and will last till September 30.

Soft cap of the project: 200,000 USD
Hard cap: 800,000 USD

Distribution of collected funds after Token Sale:

50% – development of the Monoreto platform;
25% – marketing and advertising applications;
15% – further development of the Monoreto platform;
10% – the cost of legal regulation.

To sum up

The new social network Monoreto is quite an attractive platform for managing a personal account. Monoreto opens up unlimited possibilities both for attracting financing, charity, and for becoming famous and earning income on your own content.

The good news is that the project’s token is yet to come, which means that each of us can become a part of unique and profitable platform.

More here:

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PeruCoin or the First ICO in the History of Peru 1002

perucoin ico

What is PeruCoin?

Perucoin is a unique project meant for spreading cryptocurrency awareness in Peru. The  tasks of this blockchain-based platform are:

  • learn the Peruvian community about digital currencies and blockchain;
  • promote investment processes in the local and international cryptocurrency market;
  • teach people to mine digital assets;
  • create mining farms on the territory of the country;
  • etc.

PeruCoin will solve a lot of issues connected with this field. It will bring the development of cryptocurrencies in the country on a brand new level. Peruvians will receive all the necessary knowledge and will be able to become active participants of the cryptocurrency market. The project might even encourage acknowledgement of the digital coins on the state level, since their official status in most countries of the world remains unclear. The creation of a national mining farm will open up new possibilities for crypto enthusiasts.

How will PeruCoin achieve its goals?

  • The project will issue and distribute give-out materials for the citizens of Peru. The materials will contain all the necessary and useful information about cryptocurrencies, mining, blockchain, investments in simple words;
  • The project representatives will give seminars and lectures on the abovementioned topics in different educational establishments throughout the country;
  • PeruCoin will create a “fashion show” of mining equipment, so that the community can see with their own eyes how the digital coins are extracted.

ICO details

The public pre-sale of PeruCoin will start on August 15, while the main stage of the ICO is scheduled for September 6. The price of 1 PeruCoin is going to be $5.95 and $7 correspondingly. The total supply of tokens is 2 million pieces. The funds raised during the token sale will be allocated in the following way: 72% will go for further project development, 13% will go for exchanges, 8% is allocated for the team, 5% will be financing bounty campaign, 2% will go for marketing. PeruCoin estimated its soft cap at the price point of $5 million, and the hard cap is $10 million. The project has an ambitious road map and a team of creative and professional people. 

If you want to join the development of this one-of-a-kind project or take part in its token sale, please, visit the site:

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TOP 3 ICO Startups That Can’t Be Missed 3770

top ico summer

The Coin Shark keeps following the news of the crypto industry, and this time we have created our usual compilation of innovative ICO projects. We tried to choose the most revolutionary new products of the market, which will certainly catch attention of experienced investors.

1. Datablockchain (from September 10 till October 31) is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way that companies and individuals gather premium data. Their product will democratize data, making it more readily available and less expensive than the current methods of data gathering and vetting. The DataBlockChain platform already has over three billion records and uses a proprietary AI tool to grade the data and match data to specific niche customers needs.

About the project:


2. RoomDao (from July 1 till July 30)

RoomDao is a powerful solution for the tourist industry. Roomdao is a platform for the small local tourist service providers. Local providers are more flexible and can offer lower rates and a wider range of service. However, those companies have a hard time competing with established brands and international franchises. Travel metasearch engines, such as and, monopolize the tourist market and give preferential treatment to global brands.

About the project:

Whitepaper: Roomdao_WhitePaper_eng

3. LeadRex (from August 4 till November 9)

LeadRex platform solves the problem of Lead Generation. LeadRex platform capabilities designed for audiences of varying degrees of involvement. Owners of small businesses with a specific product, heads of advertising departments in large corporations, private internet marketers and professional marketing agencies will be comfortable with their platform which helps to promote their new brand through management of an advertising campaign and optimization on the basis of AI and the component of automated management ROI.

About the project:


“We are planning to cover all countries of the world”: A Big Interview With the Founder of the Project Joys 823

joys interview

Thanks to the cryptocurrency industry, we learned about many progressive projects that have made our life better. Here comes another promising startup, which is conducting an ICO to realize its idea. We talked with the CEO of Joys – Andrey Mikhailishin – to learn more about the concept of a platform for cryptocurrency payments.

Hello Andrey. Tell us about your product. What makes it stand out from thousands of similar payment services?

Hello! Joys is a payment service for conducting legal transactions in any cryptocurrency when buying goods and services. Joys is a global open source blockchain platform built on a private Ethereum network, which allows you to add almost any cryptocurrency and token as a means of payment.

Many companies solve the problem of cryptocurrency payments with the help of blockchain, covering many areas: from interbank cross-border payments to private p2p transactions: CoinBase, BitPay, Coinify, PundiX, Bitwala, Wirex, Blockchain Merchant, LoyaltyX, LoyalCoin, etc. The biggest problem of almost all projects is the violation of the legislation of most countries in the circulation of cryptocurrencies. The second problem is the restriction of the scope of the existing solutions for retail. The third problem is the need to install new cash register equipment or issue special payment cards.

Joys is integrated into the POS-systems of stores providing regular business logic of sales. Joys applies the loyalty programs, prepaid and gift cards authorized by the laws of mechanics, as well as the technology of handling digital coupons to implement processes where cryptocurrencies are used as payment means. The project achieves legal purity when making payments in cryptocurrency in such a way, allowing to place such purchases in the legal field. It follows from the analysis that the project is unique at the cryptocurrency market, given all of its solutions.

Why did you decide to create such a platform?

We created Joys as a means of bringing together the classical monetary system and the new, blockchain-based one, to make the economy of society more effective. We expand the application scope of any blockchain project’s cryptocurrency in retail stores and service companies, thereby involving classical retail in the blockchain community, contributing to the development of cryptocurrency in general and the currencies of projects that have joined Joys. The Joys platform enables people to pay for real purchases in regular stores with any liquid digital money or tokens.

The infrastructure which is built by the Joys project team has an open API: a bank, payment system or a regulator can not block it. And this infrastructure does not depend on international payment systems, such as VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay or others. We also strive to unite the infrastructures of other projects in the field of blockchain, such as: MPС 123. We open it to other projects – this gives us a competitive advantage!

What other cryptocurrencies besides BTC and ETH can you pay with?

Our payment service currently supports five cryptocurrencies: JOYS, BTC, ETH, BTH, LTC. We are working on adding all new cryptocurrencies. A complete list of planned cryptocurrencies for addition can be found on our website and in our WP.

Please, explain to our readers how the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money takes place in user’s bank accounts?

I want to note that users of Joys do not need to open any bank accounts. You need to install the application, undergo the KYC procedure, register a wallet of a desired cryptocurrency and replenish it.

At the time of the purchase, the cryptocurrency chosen by the customer is transferred from his/her wallet to the exchange and converted into fiat money: EUR or USD according to the current exchange rate. Then the transaction is conducted through the banking system to the country where the purchase was made. The resident bank exchanges EUR or USD for the country’s currency and  transfers funds in the national currency to the account of the store. This procedure takes from 1 working day.

What are the dates of your ICO and what stage is it most profitable for an investor to buy tokens at?

We divided the ICO into three stages in accordance with the plans to enter different markets. Sale stages:

Stage I: June 21 – September 04, 2018
Stage II: January 10 – April 10, 2019
Stage III: July 01 – October 10, 2019

In addition, the price varies within phase I, gradually increasing towards the end. Therefore, it’s best to buy tokens as early as possible. In the remaining stages, the placement price will be tied to the current value of the JOYS coin.

Where will Joys work?

In the final stage, we plan to cover all countries of the world. Achieving this goal will take a long time, so we divided the work into three major stages:

Stage I – CIS and Europe.
Stage II – Asia and Africa.
Stage III – America, Australia and Oceania.

What companies are already working with you and who else are you planning to cooperate with?

We have several areas of cooperation.

Financial institutions: International payment system 123, VEB, Alfa Bank, etc.Manufacturers of the cash register software: Scheidt & Bachmann, Micros, Barcode-M, DENSI Cashier, EVOTOR, 1С8, UniPOS, Pro-T-5, Артикс, Regard Software, Service Plus,International organizations: Grand Alliance, Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, BRICS Business Council.
Projects: Rate & Goods, ZODIAQ, Smart Valley, etc.

We are currently working with many other companies and are open to possible partnerships.

Will the list of stores and other offline areas working with Joys expand in the future?

This is our main task. We will constantly increase the number of our partners and stores.

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A Chinese Crime Lord Conducts a Successful ICO and Sponsors a Poker Tournament 723

chinese gangster will sponsor poker tournament with his tokens

A popular personality in the Asian criminal circles, Wan Kuok-koi, has released his own digital currency, called HB cryptocurrency. The token sale has raised an unbelievable sum of $750 million in a matter of minutes.

Since ICOs are officially forbidden on the territory of mainland China, the event took place in Cambodia and was attended by the most prominent representatives of the industry from Asian countries. The next two stops of the ICO were Philippines and Thailand.

However, only 50% went for public sale out of the total token issue (1 billion). The other half was allocated for other purposes.

It became known that “Broken Tooth” (nickname of Wan Kuok-koi) cooperated with a Chinese company Zhonggongxin Cosmos in order to finance poker and chess competitions.

The winners of the tournament that will be held in Hainan this October will receive prizes in HB coins.

According to Wan:

We may pay the prize in half cash, half HB, the big bosses from both sides would release details later.

Neither Wan’s company, nor their Beijing partners have disclosed anything yet. Even though the representatives claim that all their intentions comply with the Chinese law, it still raises suspicions among the community due to the fact that cryptocurrency in China currently has a very shady status.

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Future of the Science – ISH “International Science Hub” on Blockchain 1405

At the dawn of the formation in the 1970s, the Internet was a small network that united several major scientific centers in the US, and later in Europe. This network was created to accelerate the exchange of scientific information and to facilitate access to knowledge.

Later, in the 1990s, with the advent of hundreds, then millions and billions of new computers, the original purpose of the Internet blurred. Knowledge sharing was lost in social networking tapes. Assessment and fair payment of achievements are mired in the wilds of the Internet marketing and all new government regulations.

In 2009, Bitcoin appeared in the world – the first cryptocurrency, which gave a push to popularization and ubiquitous implementation of the technology blockchain. This new invention is already transforming the world of currency and changing the traditional financial system. Without dependencies on government structures, cryptocurrencies can become the payment for our world. What will happen if we take the original goal of creating the Internet and combine it with the capabilities of the blockchain? Our team found the answer to this question by creating the concept of International Science Hub (ISH).

ISH is a decentralized scientific platform that is aimed at increasing the availability, quality, and speed of scientific developments by creating a reliable cross-border bridge between the specialist and the customer. Before the ISH, in the world, there was no platform that could unite scientists, students, and businessmen from different countries into a single place. Now, the problem has been solved!

ISH – a service that will help in a couple of minutes to do something that used months or even years earlier! We comprehensively approach the problem, solving not only technical but also legal tasks in the interaction of scientists, business, and states. We use the blockchain and Science Token (ST) to facilitate the implementation of financial transactions. In addition to the platform, a direct interaction between the specialist and the customers will be available, ISH will become a social network that will be built on the principles of accumulation and augmentation of scientific knowledge and intellectual potential of its participants. Indeed, it is the dissemination of knowledge and the joint work of interested people that will move the science forward!

Who are we? The team of enthusiasts from various industries that are united by a global idea to improve horizontal ties in the scientific community and to give scientists access to equipment and investments, to enable young specialists and students to grow and develop. We have often faced the inherent difficulties of communication in science, and we deeply understood that this is the main obstacle to progress.Like any global project, our project requires investments. That’s why we conduct an ICO. We do not want to just get another token into the market. For us, ICO is a cryptocurrency crowdfunding that is aimed at investing in the future of the whole world.


The Coin Shark does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions. The Coin Shark is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the article.