Fraudsters “Earned” More than $7 thousands Using Vitalik Buterin’s Name

Fraudsters copied Twitter-account of the Ethereum project founder. A user with a nickname VitalickButter posted information that users can get 2 ETH for paying 0,2 ETH. The followers  voluntarily transferred their ETH savings to the mentioned address of a cryptocurrency wallet.

Within a few hours the wallet received 6 ETH and withdrew the digital currency right away. According to fraudsters managed to get aproximately  $7,3 thousand.

Unlike the real Twitter-account of Vitalik Buterin, the fake one has only 11 followers.

Moreover, the fake nickname — @VitalickButter — also differs from the real account — @VitalikButerin.

The Coin Shark has already informed that Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder, reported on a large number of fake accounts that use his name and distribute scam offering users to get LTC.

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