Visa effectue le premier paiement test en USDC

Visa payment system took a decisive step towards CBDC by introducing payments to USDC

A press release published in the company's blog says that VISA is open to introducing new currencies. Including digital assets. The payment system plans to become a bridge between fiat and crypto currencies.

Token owners offer a convenient and quick way to calculate stablecoins for goods and services. Payments are made automatically. There is no need to convert the cryptocurrency into fiat separately.

The advantages of the new service are rushing to take advantage of modern financial organisations, for example - Partnering with companies such as VISA enables customers to more actively and easily use cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

The first USDC transfer transaction, which took place on Monday between and Visa Ethereum (Anchorage), was successful. In 2021, the possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies will be introduced for other partners.

The introduction of USD Coin (USDC), a regulated stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, is positive news for the cryptosphere. With USDC, payments are now available online. Given that VISA covers 216 million outlets in a single network, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is rapidly increasing.

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