Gemini s'associe à Mastercard

Gemini Exchange develops a joint project with Mastercard. Both companies will soon intend to issue a credit card with cashback in cryptocurrency, which will be accrued in real time

Under the terms of the refund program, for the purchase of food and drinks will return up to three percent, for products - up to one percent. There will also be a cashback for other purchases.

Credit cards will operate in all states and will be able to provide cashback wherever Mastercard is accepted. Among the features of the map:

  • 3% cashback when buying BTC and crypto assets on Gemini.
  • The ability to instantly enroll cashback on the card holder's account.
  • Access to online shopping with a mobile wallet.
  • World Mastercard discounts that allow you to buy goods and services from a number of popular companies like DoorDash or ShopRunner.
  • The ability to quickly transfer funds to the Gemini Earn earnings program.
  • High level of security and protection from theft.
  • 24-hour customer support.

The card will be contactless. Mastercard will provide it for free. You won't have to pay for its service.

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