Le trader a reçu 6000% pour 1 transaction en raison d'une erreur de l'investisseur

Several investors in cryptocurrencies working for Poloniex made a profit after selling Kishu Inu cryptocurrency tokens at an initially inflated price. This was the result of a mistake made by other crypto investors

After the start of trading, a couple of traders became entangled in zero after the comma and put up orders at excessively inflated value. According to one of the victims, at the starting price of the token $0.000,00000006, he bought the cryptocurrency with a loss of $49.25 thousand, placing a purchase order at the price of $0.00000039-0.00000040.

This was taken advantage of by other investors of the Poloniex exchange. One of the traders in one trade increased his capital from $250 of initial investments to 15 thousand dollars, which were received after the sale of coins. The total increase was 6000%.



Another investor sold his tokens 54 times more expensive than the average market rate. Initial investments in cryptocurrency amounted to about $300, and the profit was $16,300.

After fixing this problem, Poloniex closed the trading with the KISHU/USDT currency pair. A couple of hours later, the bidding was opened in pairs with TRON.

The current price of cryptocurrency can be found on the Huobi exchange. It is the world's largest crypto exchange with profitable trading offers and low commissions.

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