Le millionnaire Dogecoin a risqué d'investir toute sa fortune dans DOGE

Glauber Contessoto, who shifted to a “Dogecoin Millionaire”, continues to buy DOGE tokens, earning about $28,000 a month in advertising and social networks promotion. According to Contessoto himself, this is his 6-month salary at a previous job.

The 33-year-old “five minutes to a millionaire” took a huge risk by spending almost all of his money on Dogecoin. He stated that he funded more than $250,000 in DOGE on February 5 when the asset was worth $0.045. This contribution made him a millionaire a few months later when the price of the token skyrocketed.m

Contessoto has abandoned the idea of ​​selling personal digital currency savings, saying that he will hold in the long term, accumulating his DOGE-state, regardless of the ups and downs of the meme token. Moreover, he is so inspired by Dogecoin that he asked his advertisers to pay him exclusively in DOGE equivalent.

Contessoto revealed that he will receive $25,000 in DOGE as part of his YouTube channel's collaboration with Acria Network, a blockchain-based project dedicated to solving problems that arise when creating smart contracts.

Fully focusing on cryptocurrencies, the blogger decided to quit his old job at a Los Angeles music business. But, according to him, at that time he didn't know how he would make money in the future. Despite this, in June alone, he managed to earn over $28,000 from advertising, given that Acria representatives have so far donated only half of the $25,000 mentioned earlier. However, Contessoto was enough to cover his basic needs and resume his investment in DOGE. The blogger himself calls it his "savings account." At the moment, its DOGE reserves exceed $931,500.

At the same time, when the value of DOGE falls below $0.20, he intends to buy tokens again. In May, Contessoto spent more than $17,500 when the token price was about $0.47 and intends to continue to buy at the times of the maximum "drawdown" of the rate.

On the network, the blogger met not only support but also criticism due to the careless investment of everything acquired in a token that does not even have a limited emission. However, this did not affect the optimism of Contessoto and the entire Dogecoin community, so only time will tell which side was right.

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