L'échange de crypto-monnaie B2CASH est mis en ligne

The B2CASH cryptocurrency OTC exchange has announced its launch in Prague, Czech Republic, allowing users to conduct operations safely in full compliance with local and international monetary regulations.

The B2CASH OTC exchange has opened a representative office in the city of Prague, providing users with the most convenient, profitable, safe, and transparent exchange service. The exchange specializes in the purchase and sale of such digital assets as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies, depending on the client's request. USD, EUR, CZK, and other fiat currencies are accepted for transaction purposes.

The office set up in Prague welcomes all willing to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies for cash in a fast and safe environment. B2CASH has two limits on operations, one for amounts below €1,000 that do not require verification documents with complete guarantees of privacy to clients, and for amounts between €1,000 to ~ €11,000 that require identification of the client. Czech law stipulates that the maximum amount of exchange per day in any currency corresponds to the equivalent of up to 270,000 Kč, while AML regulations define the requirements for identifying a counterparty when making a transaction for an amount over €1,000.

The B2CASH exchange works on the basis of a straightforward operations flow for cryptocurrency purchases, whereby users pay for the order and provide the address for the transfer of the purchased cryptocurrency. Once payment is concluded, the assets will be sent to the wallet specified by the client.

B2CASH proposes transparent conditions regarding buying or selling and has sufficient reserves to perform any customer’s request. B2CASH also has a reliable and swift customer support service that is ready to answer any questions regarding operations.

The B2CASH OTC exchange is the first service of its kind in the Czech Republic to offer office-based cryptocurrency operations. Such convenience not only enhances client trust but also preserves their privacy and creates the necessary foundation for the mainstream adoption of digital currencies by both businesses and private individuals.

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