RBA Australia ne considère pas Bitcoin comme une menace pour la finance traditionnelle

The Australian regulator has released a report by the Australian Financial Review. It says that bitcoin is not a complete analogy to money. This means that it does not pose a risk to the stable operation of the financial system

The information was commented on by the deputy head of the Reserve Bank of Australia Michelle Bullock. There is too much empty talk around bitcoin, she said. When asked by one of the politicians whether BTC could be considered a real threat to traditional finance, Bullock answered in the negative.

Cryptocurrencies, she said, carry no financial risk. BTC is not a payment instrument or money. There is too much talk about this.

And even the volatility, which everyone is shouting about at every corner, is not an obstacle for the market. Basically, bitcoin is a risk for investors, but not for traditional finance. This opinion, by the way, is also supported by the head of the Reserve Bank, Philip Lowe.

The Australian regulator has a different opinion regarding stablecoins. Australia is currently exploring regulatory options.

The central bank is in talks with other regulators on this matter. Until a solution is found, there is no need to talk about CBDC or the approval of other stablecoins.