FinCEN embauche le tout premier conseiller en crypto-monnaie de l'organisation

FinCEN has hired the first crypto advisor Michele Korver, a former employee of the US DOJ.

Korver is no stranger to dealing with cryptocurrencies, as her main responsibility in her previous job was to fight money laundering using digital currencies.

FinCEN expects Korver to help strengthen the organization's position in controlling the “crypto space” by offering new strategic methods to stop illegal transactions involving digital currencies, developed in collaboration with partners. One of the representatives of the FinCEN management, Michael Mozier, emphasized that they greatly value Korver's experience in the processes of developing a code of judicatures on digital currencies in the U.S.

In early July, the administration officially announced that it intends to closely monitor cryptocurrencies, allocating a separate "sector" for this. It will become one of FinCEN's topmost priorities in the fight against terrorist funding as well as money laundering.

FinCEN's management has long shown interest in professionals from the crypto industry. For example, Mozier, who is the director of FinCEN, worked earlier as CTO in the Chainalysis analyst team.

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