Le régulateur britannique a prolongé la période d'enregistrement des entreprises de cryptographie

One of the British control organizations FCA announced the next step in registration for already existing cryptocurrency enterprises operating in the country. The new enrollment deadline is now set for the 31st of March 2022.

Initially, FCA established a registration with a deadline of January 10, 2021, but then the date was shifted to July 9, 2021. Now, the agency has allowed companies whose activities are related to cryptocurrencies to apply for registration until March 2022, continuing their work as usual without any costs or claims from the regulator.

According to FCA representatives, many companies are withdrawing their previous statements due to non-compliance with the rules of anti-money laundering ordinances in the country. The UK Treasury Department estimates that more than 90% of companies withdrew their requests to the FCA due to non-compliance with the rules, or due to the lack of the ability to hire specialists to implement anti-money laundering processes.

At the moment, there are 167 companies in the queue for registration. Another 77 new startups are awaiting regulatory review for compliance with UK law.

According to those who have been assessed by regulators earlier, FCA also lacks personnel and experience in objectively assessing cryptocurrency firms and their validity, and about 80 different documents are required from candidates for registration. The whistleblowers also claim that the interview process includes a choreographed telephone conversation with representatives of the regulator, sometimes lasting more than three hours.

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