Association of Cryptocurrency Operators (TDO) est apparue en Thaïlande

Crypto-exchange Upbit has joined forces with seven Thai cryptocurrency operators and created the TDO trade association. Its goal is to promote the cryptocurrency industry and improve prospects for international cooperation

CEO Upbit said on this occasion that the current financial system is difficult to imagine without digital assets. They are an integral part of the service, technology and business sectors. Therefore, the creation of a trade association is the right strategy.

The agency will support digital asset trading in Thailand. This activity is regulated by the Thai SEC. However, it is not balanced enough.

There are laws that are interpreted accurately and do not suggest two meanings. But there are also general provisions and guidelines that not everyone listens to. The trade association will ensure that all its members work in a single legal field.

TDO includes Upbit, zippex, Sadang, ERX, SE Digital, Coin Co., Bitazza and Cryptone Amix. In the complex, all eight companies are focused on promoting and developing the crypto industry in Thailand.

They will create transparent and clear conditions for cryptocurrency trading. There are also plans to create an advisory center, dialogue with the SEC on issues important to the industry and support innovation.

Thailand should create optimal conditions for the development of cryptocurrencies. The current members of TDO therefore hope that their numbers will soon increase by attracting new members.

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