Le ministre norvégien de l'écologie se révèle être un détenteur de Bitcoin

High-ranking officials in Norway are becoming frequently interested in digital currencies and investing in them. The country's climate minister, Sveinung Rotevatn, has also joined the Bitcoin holders.

During the interview, Rotevatn said that he had invested in the main cryptocurrency on the market for a long time since he saw it as a reliable instrument for his savings. However, the Central Bank is unlikely to agree with the politician, since earlier its representatives called Bitcoin “unstable”, saying that it was “too expensive”. And the manager of Norges Bank added that the digital currency cannot cope with ensuring a stable value of money, therefore it is not yet able to replace central banks.

Rotevatn's words about Bitcoin surprised the community that this person, protecting the environment, is investing in what actually harms it, according to most of the world's ecologists. Although the official himself also did not forget to mention the “destructive” factor and the carbon footprint of the powerful equipment for mining Bitcoin and processing cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain. It is also strange that the authorities of Norway, a country in which physical money has not been used for a long time and only 4% of the total volume of payments are taken by banknotes and coins, have not yet expressed interest in digital currencies.

The climate minister said that he shares the optimistic view of the crypto community and believes that Bitcoin is like a store of money due to a steady, steady increase and limited supply of coins. Although, unfortunately, this does not “outweigh” the possible threat to the ecology of our planet.

At the same time, Rotevatn called claims that the main cryptocurrency uses "as much energy as the whole of Texas" exaggerated. In contrast, he noted that the gold mining industry has historically consumed such a colossal amount of energy that no digital currency can surpass. At the same time, it was not subjected to the same harsh criticism from activists as Bitcoin.

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