Donald Trump a qualifié Bitcoin d'arnaque

In an interview with Stuart Varney from Fox Business, former US President Donald Trump stated that "Bitcoin is a scam".

Trump's contact with cryptocurrencies has always been strained because there were practically no positive statements about the crypto industry from the ex-president. In 2019, when the politician spoke negatively regarding Libra and Bitcoin, the value of the latter dropped by $10,000. In addition, a former adviser to Trump, John Bolton told that Trump several times talked with Steve Mnuchin, former Treasury Secretary on a potential ban of digital currencies in the United States. Bolton also wrote of that in his memoirs, where he noted the former president's sincere dislike for “digital gold”.

According to Trump, all the current euphoria around the main cryptocurrency on the market is only weakening the dollar. He said that he was always confident that the dollar should become the "world's currency".

As for BTC, it and other digital currencies, according to Trump, only weaken the dollar, reducing its importance and advantages. He also noted that such assets must be carefully governed, calling for strict regulation of digital currencies.

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