Les résidents américains pourront acheter des actifs numériques sur Coinbase avec PayPal

The payment giant announced the possibility of buying cryptocurrency on the Coinbase exchange for PayPal. The daily limit is $25,000

Previously, customers of the exchange were able to replenish funds by bank transfer or through clearing centers. Now Americans will be able to instantly buy cryptocurrencies by paying for funds from a debit card or bank account tied to a Paypal account.

Buying cryptocurrencies through a PayPal account avoids filling in bank details and other unnecessary work. The simplicity and convenience of buying cryptocurrencies is increasing.

Partnership with PayPal is beneficial not only to investors, but also to the stock exchange itself. The payment company has 377 million users worldwide and most of them are in the United States.

PayPal is actively engaged in cryptocurrencies. For U.S. residents, it allows for the trade of assets up to 20,000 per week.

Working with Coinbase will help the company offer more opportunities to its American users. In short, everyone will benefit from this partnership.

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